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EXPO Profile: JD Banke

EXPO Profile: JD Banke

: Yeah. JD Banke. Photo by Mark Bocek.

EXPO Profile: JD Banke

: EXPO: courtesy of Cornish College of the Arts.

EXPO Profile: JD Banke

: The stuff of legend. JD Banke.. Photo by Mark Bocek.

EXPO Profile: JD Banke

: I Chill. JD Banke.. Photo by Mark Bocek.

EXPO Profile: JD Banke

: No future. JD Banke.. Photo by Mark Bocek.

EXPO Profile: JD Banke

: Cherubs await deployment. JD Banke.. Photo by Mark Bocek.

EXPO Profile: JD Banke

: Cherubs (or puti) watching TV. JD Banke.. Photo by Mark Bocek.

EXPO Profile: JD Banke

: JD Banke with the Master Plan.. Photo by Mark Bocek.

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JD’s world, and welcome to it: for EXPO 13,  Cornish senior JD Banke is assembling an installation that will offer viewers the experience of walking into the world of his paintings.

We’ve got to be talking high concept: paintings, ideograms, old TVs and plaster cherubs. They will coelesce into an installation for EXPO a few weeks hence. The exact shape of it is still fermenting in the artist’s mind as he prepares his work for the B.F.A. exhibition. The artist is art department senior JD Banke. What’s clear is that he’ll be going in hot.

Stacked in his studio space and outside its door as well are a cornucopia of odds, of ends, of errata, all the bits and pieces that will be shaped into an installation. JD is standing in front of a rough plan of it as he speaks, so the assemblage he’s gathered is not as random as it at first seems when he says: “They’re probably going to get stacked in my B.F.A. space and I’ll kind of see what looks good.”

He begins to reveal the shape the “stack” will take. “My space is going to be upstairs … it’s upstairs on the second floor. It’s in the corner of the room with the really tall, like 20-foot ceilings,” says JD. “Essentially, what I’m going to do is to turn that space into one of my paintings. It’s kind of like you’re in my world of paintings when you walk in. So this green, the floor will be this green, like grass — this is the rough model for it — with sky, grass.”

But it’s going well beyond that. The artist is planning some sort of infinite regression of the space using video. “All these paintings will function like these little abstractions that I do, so it’s kind of like doubling the world of the painting on itself. Then I’ll probably end up filming my installation, applying a video of it, within that view. So — you’re in the space — and you’re in the space — and you’re in the space — in all these different mediums. It’s going to be really weird. It’s going to be cool, though.

Stacked against the wall like a rack of bombs ready for launch at some unknown foe are nine or so cherubs. Possibly made of plaster. They could also be papier-mâché.

“The Cherubs. People are going crazy about the cherubs,” says JD. “They’re going to be watching TV.”

… the TV that will be showing the space in infinite regression, like facing two mirrors at one another, perhaps. “They’re all laying down like they’re totally bored. They’ll be kind of like this … (arranges the cherubs, or puti, in front of the ancient TV set) … like kind of in a row. Just watching TV. But the video is going to be of the space itself so it’s like they’re watching what’s all around them, but it’s on the TV therefore it’s legendary. Like some sort of important video.”

When challenged on the art-historical aspects of his rack of puti, Banke admits, maybe seriously, maybe not, “I’m totally into baroque.”

As the big day approaches, JD is still sweating the details. ““I may make stickers, too, of some of these different pieces then kind of stick them on things indiscriminately just go for it and have fun, make it as weird and crazy as possible.”

Believe it: EXPO will be worth the trip just to find out finally what JD thinks is fun, weird and crazy. It’s got to be extreme. Just find the room with 20-foot ceilings and head for the corner.

EXPO 13: BFA Exhibition, May 10 – May 25, 2013, 5:00 pm on Cornish campus, Visual Arts Center.

EXPO 13 builds upon the annual BFA Exhibition, highlighting the depth and range of our students’ creative inquiry and expression at Cornish College of the Arts. The Art and Design shows serve as the keystone to an expanded schedule of events, including dialogue, performances, and artistic interventions. EXPO 13 celebrates the achievements of Cornish’s graduating seniors by acknowledging their contributions as professional artists and designers. Cornish is proud of their determination, hard word, and appetite for experimentation, as they turn their ambitions from school towards society. Congratulations to the class of 2013.


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