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Cornish Prominent in Artist Trust Grants

Cornish Prominent in Artist Trust Grants

: Robert Campbell, from pulchrior. Photo by Robert Campbell.

Artist Trust, the well known arts support organization, has announced its 2012 GAP grants; several members of the Cornish community are on the list.

On October 24th, Cornish faculty members Robert Campbell and Heather Dew Oaksen were announced as the recipients of 2012 Artist Trust grants, as were alums Rosalynn De Roos (MU ’05), Tory Franklin (AR ’00), Mary Iverson (DE ’95). Additionally, two other recipients have Cornish connections. Susie Lee was a finalist for the Neddy at Cornish awards this year and Paul Rucker studied at the college and is a frequent exhibitor at the Cornish gallery. There were 62 recipients in all, selected from over 600 applicants. (A detail from a frame of Professor Campbell’s film Pulchrior in Luce accompanies this post.)

Artist Trust, a Washington state nonprofit arts organization, will award a total of $89,660 in artist grants to the recipients of the 2012 Grants for Artist Projects (GAP). The GAP Program provides up to $1,500 to individual artists for projects in all artistic disciplines. This year’s GAP recipients were selected by review panels made up of artists, past Artist Trust grant recipients, and arts professionals from across Washington State. The foremost criterion for selection is the artistic excellence of an applicant’s artwork. Panelists are also asked to respond to an applicant’s project proposal and the feasibility of their project.

Robert Campell, professor of art at Cornish, received a 2012 GAP to fund the services of Seattle composer and Cornish faculty member Jarrad Powell for the musical soundtrack of his experimental documentary, Pulchrior in Luce.

Professor Heather Dew Oaksen, also on the art faculty at Cornish, received a 2012 GAP to support the creation of a cohesive distribution package for the film, Minor Differences, which focuses on the powerful first-person narratives of five former juvenile offenders.

Rosalynn De Roos (MU ’05) received a 2012 GAP to help defray the costs of post-production, which includes mixing and mastering costs and CD duplication of a first feature-length album by her musical group, ChoroLoco, which is dedicated to “bringing to life the music of Brazil from the early 1900s.”

Tory Franklin (AR ’00) received her GAP grant to purchase a portable vinyl plotter. This machine will be used to create temporary installations for Storefronts Seattle, Storefronts Auburn and the City of Renton. The installations pieces transform vacant commercial spaces into points of interest for the neighborhoods.

Mary Iverson (DE ’95) received her grant to purchase a new camera and defray the costs of trip to Yosemite National Park – every summer, Mary travels to several parks taking photographs and sketching. Mary uses her work in the parks to create what she calls an “environmental dialogue” by superimposing stacks of shipping containers onto images of pristine landscapes, creating a “post-apocalyptic vision of the potential outcome of our global economy.”

Paul Rucker received his GAP to help defray the costs of producing his Assassin Series. The work creates parallels between the lynchings of the past and what many would consider lynching of the present by way of shootings that go unprosecuted, or through trials that are dismissed.

Susie Lee received her grant to help with the costs of production and documentation of her collaboration with dancer and choreographer Catherine Cabeen. As a visual artist, Susie will work with Cabeen and her company to create visual works in the transitional spaces of On the Boards that reflect the physicality, symbolism, and aesthetics of Niki de Saint Phalle.

Complete list of Artist Trust GAP recipients for 2012.


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