Cornish Dancers Present Their Senior Projects

The 2017 BFA Dance Concerts in February are a showcase of the performances and choreography by seniors in the Dance Department. Additional senior thesis projects take place in February and March.

As the culmination of their education at Cornish College of the Arts, Dance seniors present the results of independent work in performance or choreography at the BFA Dance Concerts. This year’s event includes solos choreographed by local and national artists such as Danielle Agami, Sidra Bell, Kiyon Gaines, and Alice Gosti. Senior Sarah Phelps is preparing a solo based on Graham  technique, a nod to the school’s long history with Martha Graham. There will be other historical reconstructions, collaborations with musicians, and works choreographed by the students and set on their peers.

Held February 25 and 26 at Broadway Performance Hall, all performances are free and open to the public, but will require a ticket for admission. Tickets can be reserved online at or by phone at (800) 838-3006.

Final program details for the BFA Dance Concert will be available online the week of February 19.

Other Senior Thesis Events

Fenja’s House is a collaborative, immersive performance event concocted by an ambitious group of performing and visual artists and led by Dance senior Fenja Abrams. All performances take place in Cornish’s South Lake Union campus. Improvising musicians will pull ringing tones from wine glasses and singing bowls as dancers perform in a screen-printed paper “house” constructed in Beebe Building. Abrams describes the piece as “the shift from being in and out of a relationship, between living in one house and the next, pre and post retirement.” Performances will be held February 17 and 18. To reserve a free ticket, go to

On March 4 at Raisbeck Performance Hall, senior Margaret Johnson  presents an evening length multimedia work, deHumanization, set to the sounds of Animal Collective. Creating peculiar scenarios with the body and through the screen, Johnson has directed her cast of 15 into portraying her dream-life: covering their bodies in yellow rope, embodying what it could feel like to be a zebra, and dancing around with tights on their heads. The film and choreography taps into the odd quirks, humor, and unapologetic authenticity that Margaret strives to share. deHUMANization offers a quick shifting collage that expresses the unusual aspects of being human.

For the second half of the evening Johnson and Cornish dance faculty and alumna Corrie Befort ’99 have curated a collection of films from Cornish dancers. Works from Sierra Hendrix, Renee Boehlke, Devin Munoz, Ashlyn Fletcher, Allison Burke, Kate O’Day, Micaela Taylor, and Kelly Goetz will be shown. Free tickets for both shows on March 4 are available at

Cornish's dance season continues with additional student projects, Terpsichore's Landing  2017, April 2, at PONCHO Concert Hall, 710 East Roy, and Cornish Dance Theater Spring 2017 Concert at the Cornish Playhouse, April 21 and 22. The April 22 performance will be followed by a post-performance 100th anniversary party for Dance alumni and special guests. Details for these and other Cornish College events can be found on the calendar.