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Cornish Alums Appear in Demon Dreams

Cornish Alums Appear in  Demon Dreams

: Carter Rodriguez, Matt Aguayo and Chris Macdonald as the demons.. Photo by Michelle Bates.

Cornish alums Matt Aguayo (TH ‘12) and Sara Peterson (TH ’12) are featured in West of Lenin theater’s production of Demon Dreams.

It’s fair to call Tommy Smith’s Demon Dreams now showing at Fremont’s West of Lenin theater a post-post-apocalyptic comedy. It takes place in a future where humanity is mostly a memory. Three demons and three immortals gather outside an ancient temple to tell stories and spit rhymes about the goodness and wickedness of the human race. Tommy Smith’s (White Hot, Sextet) Demon Dreams fuses traditional Japanese story-telling with his own wicked sharp aesthetic to bring you a fast-paced, enchanting allegories about the the curses and blessings of being a human. The production, which appears under the direction of AJ Epstein, features recent Cornish grad Matt Aguayo (center, above) evil-ing it up one of the title demons along side the equally demonic Carter Rodriguez and Chris Macdonald. Sara Peterson, who graduated in the same class as Aguayo, appears along with Susanna Burney and Heather Persinger as immortal beings willing to speak up for humanity. Demon Dreams has further Cornish connections: Maria Mannes (TH ‘12) stage manages the production, Kathleen LeCoze (TH ‘12) painted the scenery and the poster was designed by Charles Spitzack (AR ‘10). See the show one reviewer calls C. S. Lewis’s The Screwtape Letters with a dose of hip-hop before it closes on November 10. More information.


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