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Community Celebration of the Life and Career of Seattle Artist Clayton Corzatte

Community Celebration of the Life and Career of Seattle Artist Clayton Corzatte

: Clayton Corzatte as King Lear.. Photo by J. Kazanjian.

The entire community is invited to honor Clayton on Monday, Oct. 22 from 8 to 10 pm at New City Theater. Clayton began his career on the stage in 1951 at the Barter Theatre, Virginia and performed for a final time in 2011 at ACT, Seattle…a wonderful actor delighting colleagues and audiences for 60 years on the stage.

Everyone is invited to bring one long stem rose for Clayton (just stop by for five minutes if that’s the time you have!) Join Clayton for 100 photos on the theater screen, free popcorn, no host bar, music and community.

“ The first New York actor I admired, Clayton Corzatte was outstanding in a stellar ensemble, Ellis Rabb’s APA Company. Corzatte’s comedic and dramatic talents (recognized by a 1962 Obie for his Constantin in The Seagull and his Charles Surface in The School for Scandal) put to paid the view that British actors played the classics better than Americans. Corzatte has acted more than 30 roles in twenty of Shakespeare’s plays – in Hamlet, he has played Hamlet, Laertes, Osric, Reynaldo and Polonius; in Romeo & Juliet, he has acted Romeo, Paris, Mercutio, and Friar Lawrence. He left APA for a season to be in the founding company of the Guthrie Theater; and when APA closed he relocated to become one of the first actors to build a career based in Seattle. “  Actors’ Lives by Holly Hill, 1991.


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