BFA Concerts: Full Program Notes

In the fall, the seniors worked on the design concept for their poster. Photo: Marciana Romero (photos of seniors).

BFA Concerts: Full Program Notes

The BFA Capstone Concerts feature the work of Cornish College of the Arts' Dance seniors.

The BFA Capstone Concerts take place at the Broadway Performance Hall on February 25 and 26. Two completely different programs will be presented. Following is the program information for each concert. Although this event is free, reservations are necessary and can be made through Brown Paper Tickets.

Program 1, February 25, 2:00 p.m and 8:00 p.m.

Word Box:

Political * Disaster * Propaganda

Zombies * Outbreak * Emergency

Invasion* Big Brother * Deconstrucation

Choreography: Laura Rodriguez + Artists

Dancer Artists: Becca Blackwell, Allison Burke, Hannah Cavallaro, Kince de Vera, Shane Donohue, Dustin Durham, Scotty Flores, Sierra Hendrix, Molly Levy, Levi Ryan, Kate O’Day

An excerpt from the evening length performance debuting at BASE in May 2017. For more information visit

Secret Garden

Choreography: Laurel Keene

Dancer: Amanda Zoerhof


Choreography: David Parker

Dancer: Hannah McClean

Her Name Is Isaac (Excerpt)

Choreography: Veronica Lee-Baik

Sound Design: Veronica Lee-Baik, Brendan P Hogan, and Fritz Rodriguez

Dancer: Victoria Soneff

‘Her Name Is Isaac’ is a multidisciplinary dance work that draws attention to the treatment of women through a distinctly Asian lens and confronts the journey of being a woman in a man’s world. Isaac, a Hebrew name, means “the chosen one.” The title suggests that the global “she” must galvanize the movement for gender equality.

To Me For Me

Choreography: Alissa Alger

Costume Design: Alissa Alger

Dancer: Melissa Krienke

My Body Seeks to Break and Rebuild

Choreography: Sara Procopio, in collaboration with Theresa Alexander

Dancer: Theresa Alexander

Inspired by Deborah Hays’s written work ‘My Body The Buddhist’.

Deux Poèmes

Choreography: Pat Hon

Dancer: Andrea Byrd

Jack’s Solo

Choreography: Patrick Kilbane

Dancer: Jack Russell

Kiss Me

Choreography: Heather Plumberg

Dancer: Becky Mae Taylor

Never More

Choreography: Gary Masters

Dancer: Jena Wijtman

For all those who gave their lives in Orlando, San Bernardino, Paris, Mosel, Aleppo, and places unreported.

A Passacaille from Armide

Choreography: Anthony L’Abbe

Reconstruction Director: Anna Mansbridge

Dancer: Emily Tveit

A Passacaille from the opera Armide that was first staged in 1686, with this version of the dance being published in 1711. The choreographer, Anthony L’Abbe was a French dancer who found success at the English Court.


Program 2, February 26, 2:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.

Egyptian Pyramid-How Much I Don’t Take with Me

Choreography: Alice Gosti

Dancer: Sierra Hendrix

why do we hate women so much?

Dark Cloud

Choreography: Roger Lathan Wood

Costume Design: Roger Lathan Wood

Dancers: Victoria Soneff, Phenix Laughlin


Choreography: Danielle Agami

Staged by Sarah Butler

Dancer: Khadijah Lindo

Immediate // Carried // Signal

Choreography: Alex Ketley

Dancer: Anna Hull

Trace Thoughts

Choreography: Kiyon Ross

Dancer: Karyn Tobin

Created with love and generosity for Karyn Tobin’s senior project.

on the wings of gravity

Choreography: Sidra Bell

Dancer: Levi Ryan

Inner Study

Choreography: Kiyon Ross

Dancer: Naomi Leung

For Naomi, a bright soul inside and out.


Choreography: Katie Scherman

Dancer: Celena Dawson

A Love That Was More Than Love

Choreography: Joshua Crouch

Costume Design: Melissa Phelps

She Who Has Passed: Sarah Phelps

He Who Is Left Behind: Elijah Kirk

Based on the poem Annabel Lee, by E.A. Poe

Lieutenant Nancy

Choreography: Veronica Lee-Baik

Dancer: Andrea Freed

In memory of my grandmother, Nancy Diane Breitsprecher.


Choreography: Kate O’Day, in collaboration with Nicholas Mackelprang and the performers

Music: Nicholas Mackelprang

Cast: Satchel Henneman, Sarah Vavrin, Amelia Coulter, Jacob Neenan, Haley Freedlund, Margaret Johnson, Marcella Sweeney, Zoie Rosolek, Andrew Forbes, Cat Urquhart, Colleen Rose Trundy, Sean Ryan, Becca Betteridge, Ruby Dunphy, Gabriella Arrastia, Celena Dawson, Megan Hanson

Understudy: Julia Wiggins

This piece is dedicated to Marcella.


Production Staff For Both Programs

Faculty Advisors: Pat Hon, Wade Madsen, Lodi McClellan, Michele Miller, Gérard Théorêt, Deborah Wolf

Technical Director: Meg Fox

Stage Manager: Tessa Bañales

Production Coordinator: Sarah Haskell

Light board, sound, stage crew and other duties performed by students in the Technical Production for Dance course:

Molly Bantugan, Emilio Brito, Allyson Carrillo, Kinsey DeFolo, Blue Edler, Kelly Goetz, Aja Green, Megan Hanson, Peyton Jones, Allison Kelly, Madison Moseman, Mariah Pena, Alden Richardson, Catriona Urquhart, Meghan Varner, Breanna Vigil