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Faculty Exhibit Sabbatical Work

Faculty Exhibit Sabbatical Work

: Artwork courtesy of the artists.

Faculty Exhibit Sabbatical Work

: Preston Wadley, "Devaunté" 2014, archival pigment print, 6" x 10". Photo by Preston Wadley.

Faculty Exhibit Sabbatical Work

: Preston Wadley, "Andrew", archival pigment print, 6" x 10". Photo by Preston Wadley.

Faculty Exhibit Sabbatical Work

: Robert Campbell, still from video "Pulchrior in Luce" 2012, single-­channel  digital film. Photo by Robert Campbell.

Faculty Exhibit Sabbatical Work

: Robert Campbell, still from installation "Dissolution of Order" 2014, three-channel video installation, 86” x 50” 15-minute loop no audio. Photo by Robert Campbell.

Faculty Exhibit Sabbatical Work

: Robert Campbell, still from installation "Interval Two" 2013, three-channel video installation, 86” x 50” 15-minute loop no audio . Photo by Robert Campbell.

Faculty Exhibit Sabbatical Work

: Jacob Kohn, "Lemon Zinger" 2013, oil on canvas. Photo by Bret Corrington.

Faculty Exhibit Sabbatical Work

: Jacob Kohn, "Earl Gray" 2013, oil on canvas. Photo by Bret Corrington.

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Three artists, two galleries, one fantastic experience: faculty sabbatical exhibitions open in the Main and Alumni galleries.

Cornish faculty members are working artists, but with a full plate of classes to teach, it’s not always easy to put together bodies of work. That’s where the sabbatical comes in. A sabbatical allows a faculty member to devote his or her full attention to an art practice. The reward for the rest of us comes at the end of these periods, when the artists return with the fruits of their research and display what they’ve been doing with their time away from the college. Opening in tandem on Friday, March 21, are two such exhibitions: Robert Campbell & Preston Wadley in the Main Gallery and Jacob Kohn: Oil and Water in the Alumni Gallery. It’s an unusual and kind of a brilliant set up. Both galleries are in Cornish’s Main Campus Center at 1000 Lenora, the Main Gallery on the first floor and the Alumni Gallery on the third. It’s twice the show, and for the twin opening receptions from 5:00 - 8:00 p.m. on March 21, twice the party. Come for your favorite artist, and stay to see two more as a bonus. Signs in both galleries will lead you to more work.

In the Alumni Gallery — Jacob Kohn: Oil and Water

Jacob Kohn, a professor in Cornish’s Design Department, has filled the Alumni Gallery with luscious paintings that explore the viscous boundary between worlds of air and water. “My primary visual interests are water and the phenomenal forms that reside upon and within the watery plane,” Kohn writes of his works. “I love the tension created by objects such as leaves and lily pads as they hug the surface.

“There is a painterly quality to these constantly shifting forms that allows me to mix and blend an endless variety of invented colors that create rich and satisfying contrasts of pattern and hue.”

Kohn has a special connection to nature. “Over the years, I have continued to explore and portray the beauty and sensuality of the natural world,” he writes. “I have returned time and again to the realism of nature as a subject because it provides me with a visual language that best expresses the abstract energy and emotional color that I find essential in my art.”

Oil and Water is open in the Alumni Gallery through May 3.

In the Cornish Main Gallery — Robert Campbell & Preston Wadley

The work of art professors Preston Wadley and Robert Campbell hang in fascinating counterpoint in the exhibition of their work from their separate sabbaticals. In the darkened south half of the Main Gallery, Bob Campbell’s video-based work pulses and morphs, while in the brightly lit north half, Preston presents a sharp drumroll of photographic prints that seem almost to puncture the white walls evenly at eye level. The portraits on the west wall are intimate moments, printed small, forcing the viewer to step close and absorb the image. His works include two photo-based sculptures.

Wadley writes of his show in the same straightforward, punctuated tone as his exhibit: “Visual art is capable of existing in a place where illusion and reality, the communicable and the incommunicable cease to be contradictions. I’m trying to find that place.”

Robert Campbell has consistently pushed the boundaries of visual art, and in the works he is showing in Robert Campbell & Preston Wadley again displays how a painter’s eye to can transform an electronic medium like video. “The influence of painting on this work is mostly formal in nature: sense of perspective and color palette,” Campbel writes of his work in his 87-minute video, Pulchrior in Luce. A painterly impulse is seen as well in his two installations in the exhibition, Dissolution of Order and Interval Two. The installations are “each a video triptych comprised of three black 55” flat panel displays installed vertically on the wall.”

“There are seven discrete three-­channel visual poems embedded in each work,” Campbell writes of the two triptychs. “The construction of each one begins by compositing dozens of original high-­‐resolution digital photographs of unintended residual marks left on floors, walls, newsprint or art board stemming from intentional, mostly art-­related activities: painting, object-making, surface preparation, etc.”

Robert Campbell & Preston Wadley can be seen in the Main Gallery through April 24.


Preston Wadley — Preston’s work has been exhibited at the: Pacific Arts Center, Seafirst Gallery, G. Gibson Gallery, the Fisher Gallery and the Henry Art Gallery at the University of Washington. He has received grants from 911 Media Arts Center, Seattle Arts Commission, King County Arts Commission and the NEA. Preston received both a BFA and an MFA from the University of Washington.

Robert Campbell — Bob works as an installation artist, digital printmaker, documentary filmmaker and video artist. Since 1984, he has exhibited internationally in Europe, Japan, Canada and the U.S., including the WRO 90 Festival in Wroclaw, Poland, Montbeliard International Video Competition in France, the Tokyo International Video Festival in Japan and IMAGE Film and Video Festival in Atlanta, Georgia. Since 1992 his collaborative video-for-dance work has premiered in On The Boards’ New Performance Series, Northwest New Works Festival Series, and Artist Access Series. His dance-on-video work has been presented in the Dance on Camera Festival at New York’s Lincoln Center, and in Seattle’s New Dance Cinema Festival.  His documentary projects have taken him to Africa twice since 2003. He has been awarded two Centrum Creative Artist residencies at Fort Worden in Port Townsend, as well as a month-long summer artist residency at the Burren College of Art in Ireland. Bob was awarded Cornish Excellence in Teaching Awards in 1999 and 2004. He earned both his BFA and MFA degrees from the School of Film and Video at California Institute of the Arts.

Professor Jacob Kohn — Jacob Kohn is a professional fine artist, exhibiting locally and regionally, and producing many studio commissions for private, public and corporate spaces. Some major commissions have included 8 mural paintings for the Seattle Aquarium outside walls, a 9’ x 12’ canvas mural for Childrens’ Hospital, a large (9’ x 18’) canvas mural for a Seattle corporate law firm, a private on site mural for a castle in Madrona, and smaller oil on canvas paintings for many of the regions’ hospitals, banks and corporate offices. His paintings are in many public and private collections, some of which are: the Bill and Melinda Gates collection, the Hughes Aircraft Corporation, Boeing Corporate Headquarters, Westin Hotels, Nordstroms, Salish Lodge, Microsoft, the Sheraton Hotel, and the Milwaukee Art Center. He has presented solo painting exhibitions at such venues as the Foster White gallery, William Traver gallery, Matsge Runnings, and The American Art Company. Jacob has exhibited regionally at the Seattle Art Museum, Bellingham Art Museum, The Center on Contemporary art, and the Bellevue Art Museum. His national exhibitions have included museums and galleries in Los Angeles, Chicago, Scottsdale Arizona, Wisconsin, and New York. He is currently a Professor in the Design Department at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, where he is completing his 27th year as a faculty member The work in this show is a result of time spent in the studio during the artists’ Sabbatical, awarded in Spring of 2013.


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