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14/48 Projects Feature Cornish Connections

14/48 Projects Feature Cornish Connections

: Hanna Mootz (TH' 2011), who starred in "Bo-Nita" at the Seattle Rep, comforts Live Girls! Theater's Meghan Arnette (TH'98) in "Sad Bunny" in the last 14/48 festival. Photo by Joe Iano.

14/48: The World’s Quickest Theater Festival, starting this weekend, is a theater free-for-all that you shouldn’t miss; as usual, it has attracted a large and adventurous Cornish contingent.

So what does it mean to claim you’re The World’s Quickest Theater Festival (TWQTF)? Not the time it takes to view it; that takes place over two weekends, and there has got to be festivals that take less time. No, the quickness resides in the fact that none of the pieces that will be performed this coming weekend exist as of this writing. A little over 48 hours from now, there will be 14 (thus 14/48). That’s pretty quick. Ten members of the Cornish community will be involved in every aspect of the production of the 14 plays, from writing to directing to design to acting to playing in the band. The festival will be presented in the area between the Seattle Repertory Theater and the Cornish Playhouse at Seattle Center.

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So how do they work this? According to 14/48: TWQTF organizers, a keg of beer will be tapped tonight, which is Thursday, August 7, and a theme will be chosen for the festival’s first day. Participants complete this sentence: “Theatre would be a lot more interesting if there were seven ten-minute plays about _____.” One sentence is selected at random. Suitably prepared by the theme selection and perhaps inspired by the “ceremonial 14/48 keg,” seven playwrights are set loose to write a brace of 10-minute plays by 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, August 8. On that morning, seven directors will — again at random — be assigned the production of the seven plays. Then, as the 14/48 site says, “The band shows up to provide music and sound, designers create all technical aspects of each show as the directors and their casts rehearse all day. Each play gets 20 minutes of tech rehearsal.” Everyone works all day, then the seven plays are premiered tomorrow at 8pm. The next day, the process is repeated, more or less, for a second set of seven plays so that in the span of two days, 48 hours, it pencils out to 14 plays.

Carrying the Cornish banner for the first weekend of 14/48 are faculty member Elizabeth Heffron and fellow writer Ben D.McFadden (TH ‘08); director Meghan Arnette (TH ‘98); band members Erin Bednarz (MU), and Michael Owcharuk (MU ‘06); designers Roberta Christensen (PP ‘96), Sarah Constable (PP ‘16), Amy LaZerte (PP ‘05), and Pam Mijatov (PP ‘99); and actor André Nelson (TH ‘11).


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