About Neddy Artist Awards

Stewarded by Cornish College of the Arts since 2011, the Neddy Artist Awards are among the largest artist awards in the State of Washington, provides two annual gifts of $25,000, and six awards of $1,500, to artists living and working in the Puget Sound region. Cornish College of the Arts prepares its students to contribute to society as artists, citizens and innovators. The Neddy Artist Awards are a beacon of this mission. The Neddy Artist Awards is funded by the Behnke Foundation and stewarded by Cornish College of the Arts as a tribute to Seattle painter and teacher Ned Behnke (1948-1989).

This is the twenty-first year of the Neddy Awards. The Behnke family and the Behnke Foundation supported for many years this gift of direct and unrestricted support to artists in the Pacific Northwest. It is currently supported by a bequest from the estate of philanthropist Sally Skinner Behnke, Ned’s mother. Cornish College of the Arts is honored to steward this awards program, on behalf of the family and the artist community. Cornish especially thanks Sally Skinner Behnke, in memoriam, for extending this vital program to Cornish as part of her legacy, continuing the investment of her grandmother in the founding of the College.

Neddy Artist Awards Honor the Legacy of Ned Behnke

The Neddy Artist Awards honor the legacy of Seattle painter and teacher Ned Behnke (1948-1989). Ned was the son of Robert and Sally Skinner Behnke. Deaf from birth, Ned Behnke expressed himself in the visual arts from an early age. He received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Central Washington University, and his Master’s Degree in Fine Arts, Painting, from the Rochester Institute of Technology, New York. He lived and worked in Seattle, where he taught art to hearing-impaired students at Cornish College of the Arts, and other institutions. A Cornish painting studio was named in his honor in 1982.

During his life, Ned Behnke received many national arts awards; among them, a major public art commission by the King County Arts Commission, for the Seattle Hearing and Deafness Center. He exhibited his art widely, with gallery representation, by Foster/White Gallery, Seattle. Ned Behnke died in 1989.

His legacy is in evidence throughout our community, through the generous philanthropy of the Behnke family. The Northwest AIDS Foundation (now the LIFELONG AIDS Alliance) created the Ned Behnke Leadership Award in 1993; and the Ned Behnke Preschool, Hearing, Speech and Deafness Center, was founded in 2007, with an emphasis on speech, language, and literacy development.

Neddy Artist Awards History

In 1996, the Behnke family founded the Neddy Artist Awards, as a way to honor and remember Ned Behnke. In the beginning, this was one annual award ($10,000), in the category of Painting, Ned’s chosen artistic medium. In 1998, the award program expanded to include two annual awards: one in Painting, and a second in a regularly rotating category, such as Sculpture, Photography, or Ceramics, among others. For many years, the award process was by nomination only.

In 2011, stewardship of the award program was transferred to Cornish College of the Arts, where the program was refreshed and expanded to optimize its potential at an institution of higher learning. The first of the two awards continues in the category of Painting; the second is in the category of Open Medium. The application process is now an open call to all professional artists in the Puget Sound region.

Cornish College of the Arts has expanded and deepened the awards program for artists and audiences, with a series of lectures, programs and activities, as well as customized opportunities for awardee-student engagement. A strategic partnership with Reel Grrls Productions provides archival artist interviews, and connects Cornish and the Neddy Awards to the next generation of artists, citizens, and innovators.

Neddy Artist Awards Awardees List

Neddy Artist Awards Application

Each year, eight artists living and working in the greater Puget Sound region are selected as finalists. From these eight finalists, two awardees are selected to receive $25,000 unrestricted prizes—one in the Painting category and one in the Open Medium category (defined as any medium or combination of media grounded in the visual arts). The remaining six Finalists each receive $1,500. The work of the awardees and finalists is featured in an exhibition at Cornish College of the Arts or another Seattle venue.

See the application guidelines for more information on eligibility and award process.

Neddy Artist Awards Selection

The eight finalists are selected from the total pool of applicants by a group of three regional arts professionals. From this group of finalists, a national juror, from an arts center outside the Northwest, selects the two Neddy Artist Awards recipients, after conducting studio visits with each artist.

Neddy Artist Awards Exhibition

The Neddy Artist Awards, in addition to cash awards, mounts a Neddy Artist Awards Exhibition. This annual exhibition features art by Awardees and Finalists, selected by contemporary arts curator. The Neddy Artist Awards Exhibition is a hallmark of the Cornish College of the Arts calendar, and its exhibition period provides a platform and venue for a wide range of student-focused programs and activities.

Neddy Artist Awards Documentation

As part of the award program, each year a short documentary video is produced on each of the 8 artists. Based on interviews with the artists, the videos provide important documentation for the Behnke Foundation, the Neddy Artist Awards, Cornish College of the Arts and its students, and the artists, along with scholars, arts writers and press.

Neddy Artist Awards Annual Lecture

When stewardship of the Neddy Artist Awards was moved to Cornish College of the Arts in 2011, the program was expanded to include an annual public lecture by a distinguished artist, whose work embodies the spirit of art and social engagement of Ned Behnke, and the values and mission of Cornish College of the Arts. Harrell Fletcher, Susan Robb, Oliver Herring, Guillermo Gomez-Pena, and Tameka Norris are among the artists who have presented this lecture.