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All baccalaureate degree candidates must complete thirty credits in the Humanities and Sciences. Twelve of these credits are earned through the Integrated Studies Program in the student’s first year. After the first year, students may select courses from a wide range of disciplines and a variety of interdisciplinary themes and topics.

To ensure breadth of study, while also allowing for some flexibility in course selection, students are required to distribute the remaining eighteen of their thirty Humanities and Sciences credits across three categories of study in the following manner:

  • 3 credits – Humanities
  • 3 credits – Social Sciences
  • 3 credits – Sciences
  • 9 credits – Humanities and Sciences Electives

All students are required to have at least six credits of college writing in their program and that requirement is either satisfied by successful completion of Integrated Studies in the first year or by completion of coursework in expository writing and research writing or their equivalent. 

Once matriculated into a degree program at Cornish, Humanities and Sciences requirements may not be completed at another institution. The Humanities and Sciences Program does not award credit for prior learning experience.



  • Develop student core competencies.
  • Develop student agency.
  • Foster experimentation and innovative practice among students.
  • Foster a campus community conducive to learning and positive growth.