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Extension Programs: Student Conduct

Extension Programs: Student Conduct

Summer at Cornish gives students the opportunity to create artwork, work with talented faculty, make friends and get a true taste of college life. Cornish has a uniquely urban location in downtown Seattle that brings with it a responsibility to create a safe environment for all summer students. We take that responsibility very seriously.

Summer at Cornish is oriented toward creative, focused, independent young people. Students must take initiative both in and outside of the classroom, and attendance in all classes is critical to the successful completion of the program. While supervision will be firmly in place, parents and students seeking a highly sheltered environment should consider this program carefully before applying.

Zero Tolerance Policy

Cornish maintains a zero tolerance policy for all illegal activities, including possession or use of drugs, alcohol or firearms, whether on or off the Cornish campus. Summer students in residence must abide by the policies included in the Housing Contract. At the discretion of the College, any student of any age in violation of policies or otherwise creating an unsafe or unproductive climate may be subject to a warning or immediate dismissal.


Summer at Cornish coursework will be intensive and rigorous, both physically and intellectually. You will be expected to work at a quick clip to create multiple works for exhibition or performance. The fruits of your labor will be important to your development as an emerging artist as well as for your college portfolio, if applicable. Your attendance is critical and you are expected to arrive to all classes on time. If an emergency presents itself and you will be absent or tardy, please email or call the Summer at Cornish Program Manager or 206-726-5148.

Student Supervision In & Out of the Classroom

We strive to create a rigorous pre-college, creative learning experience for young people. Faculty are oriented to the culture of the college and have been selected, in part, for their ability to challenge and nurture young minds. While most learning will take place in studios on the Cornish campus, the College believes in the importance of experiential education. Some faculty may have students working in the urban environment taking photographs, drawing, and gathering inspiration. In these instances, students will be accompanied by faculty members and/or be traveling in small groups.