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Dhrupad Indian Vocal and Instrumental Workshop



May 18 –May 20, W, Th, F, 10:00am – 5:30pm


Kerry Hall PON, 710 East Roy St, Seattle, WA


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Cornish College of the Arts is pleased to offer a Dhrupad Vocal and Instrumental workshop, in collaboration with the Dhrupad Music Institute of America (DMIA). 

This workshop is taught by the internationally renowned Gundecha Brothers, and is part of DMIA's annual music festival, Dhrupad Days.

Dhrupad is an ancient style of Indian Classical music. It  traces its origins to chanting of the Sama Veda. From this chanting, millennia ago, Dhrupad has evolved into a  sophisticated classical form of music. Its steadfast, precise, gentle and improvisational nature is attracting audiences all over the world.

Dhrupad is known for its emphasis on precision of pitch and for a wealth of detailed improvisational techniques. Both of these are useful skills in any form of music. Thus, this workshop is beneficial to all musical backgrounds and interests.

As with other forms of Indian Classical music, Dhrupad is set in the raga system. For the workshop, two to three ragas will be chosen, and used to teach creation and structure of alap, use of special syllables in Dhrupad, development of a raga, and compositions in the chosen ragas.

The workshop offers both lectures and practical training on Dhrupad and Indian Classical music, and also offers training in voice/instrumental techniques. The practical training is conducted in small groups, and plenty of individual attention is provided.  Vocalists, string, wind and bowed instrumentalists are all welcome.

Who should enroll?

Students ages 12 and older. Students of Indian heritage are especially encouraged to attend, as are those with little or no prior knowledge of Indian music. Professional musicians from all areas of music are also encouraged to attend. This course is for those who want to learn Indian Classical music, those who want to improve and refine their techniques and understanding, as well as for those who want to improve their appreciation when listening to Indian Classical music. 

Instrumentalists should bring their instrument if they have one. Instruments such as rudra veena, sitar, surbahar, sursringar, saxophone and flute are suited to Dhrupad. Inquiries from other instrumentalists regarding suitability are welcome. 

Daily Schedule

May 18, May 19, May 20: 10am-5:30pm with 1.5 hour break from 1:00pm-2:30pm

There are three sessions daily:

The class will be divided into two groups, with the groups switching between instructors. The class will come together at around 4:15pm each day for tala practice.

10 am – 1:00 pm – Two separate sessions running simultaneously taught by Umakant Gundecha and Ramakant

2:30 pm – 4:15 pm – Group that spent the morning with Umakant Gundecha will be taught by Ramakant Gundecha in this afternoon session, and vice versa for group that spent the morning with Ramakant Gundecha.

4:15 pm -  5:30 pm – Tala session taught by Akhilesh Gundecha, to whole group.

Umakant Gundecha will focus on exercises and compositions.

Ramakant Gundecha will focus on voice, philosophy of raga and Dhrupad theory.

Akhilesh Gundecha will teach the tala session.

Course content includes:

Lecture on Raga and Voice in Indian music

Voice Techniques in Dhrupad and its practice

Addressing musical problems of each student individually

Alap in the chosen raga

Tala practice

Composition in any raga

Music and meditation

Question and Answer Session 

Where to stay?

For guests coming from outside of the Seattle area, there are several lodging options and guests should make their own arrangements well in advance. Please find a list of options below. The Bacon Mansion is recommended due to its proximity to the class location. Students can reserve single rooms or they may room with roommates to reduce costs - rooms start at $129 for a single and $159+ for doubles (or more).

1. The Bacon Mansion Bed and Breakfast (Within walking distance to the workshop location) - or 800.240.1864.

2. The Capitol Hill Neighborhood has several bed and breakfasts in almost any price range. You can use to search for these accommodations.

What to bring

Instrumentalists should bring their instrument if they have one. Instruments such as rudra veena, sitar, surbahar, sursringar, saxophone and flute are suited to Dhrupad. Inquiries from other instrumentalists regarding suitability are welcome.

Requirements & Availability

  • Ages
    12 +
  • Housing
    Not Available
  • Scholarships
    The Dhrupad Institute of America proudly supports five $200 scholarships to support students who would otherwise be unable to attend a workshop. Utilize the scholarship application to apply by April 1, 2016.
    Dhrupad Music Institute of America Scholarship