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Dhrupad Indian Rhythm and Percussion Workshop


May 20 –May 21
S, Su
10:30am – 5:00pm


Kerry Hall, 710 East Roy St, Seattle, WA


The price of this course is $150.00

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Cornish College of the Arts is pleased to offer a Dhrupad Rhythm and Percussion workshop, in collaboration with the Dhrupad Music Institute of America (DMIA). This two day workshop is taught by the internationally renowned Pakhawaj player Akhilesh Gundecha, (percussionist for the Gundecha Brothers) and is part of DMIA's annual music festival, Dhrupad Days. www,

This workshop is for percussion players, as well as for vocalists and instrumentalists who would like to learn Dhrupad taals and improve their understanding of, and ability to perform to rhythm.

Who should enroll?

Students ages 12 and older. Students of Indian heritage are especially encouraged to attend, as are those with little or no prior knowledge of Indian music. Professional musicians from all areas of music are also encouraged to attend, as well as percussionists, vocalists and instrumental players.

Daily Schedule

May 20, May 21: 10:30 am-5:00 pm with 1.5 hour break from 1:00pm-2:30pm

This course is taught be Akhilesh Gundecha.

Course content includes:

  • Beat, and taal
  • Drum-alphabets of Pakhawaj
  • Practice of different laya (tempo)
  • Theka (arrangement of bols) of Pakhawaj taals - Choutaal, Dhamar, Teevra, Sultaal, Aditaal
  • Important bols (syllables) of Pakhawaj

Where to stay?

For guests coming from outside of the Seattle area, there are several lodging options and guests should make their own arrangements well in advance. Please see suggested options below. The Bacon Mansion is recommended due to its proximity to the class location. Students can reserve single rooms or they may room with roommates to reduce costs.

  1. The Bacon Mansion Bed and Breakfast (Within walking distance to the workshop location) - or 800.240.1864.
  2. The Capitol Hill Neighborhood has several bed and breakfasts in almost any price range. You can use to search for these accommodations.

What to bring

It's suggested, but not required that students bring their own instruments - percussion (pakhawaj, tabla, for example), other (sitar, surbahar, veena, and so on). Percussionists will get a chance to enhance their playing, and try out Pakhawaj taals on their instrument. Vocalists, and other instrumentalists will practice performing to Pakhawaj taals.

Requirements & Availability