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Summer at Cornish, Lifelong Learning, Build Future, Recall Past

Summer at Cornish, Lifelong Learning, Build Future, Recall Past

: Jazz-minh Moore (AR '00), Summer at Cornish instructor, "Gust," acrylic on found wood, 16" x 20", 2013.

Registration opens for Summer at Cornish and Jazz-minh Moore will be returning to work with future artists; with the summer program and Lifelong Learning, Cornish also returns — to its roots.

Painter Jazz-minh Moore (AR ’00) is returning to teach at Cornish this summer to work with future artists, just as Nellie Cornish would have wished. Nellie viewed her students as a family, and did all she could to keep them close. Moore will be teaching Color Theory in Acrylics and Self-Portrait Painting. Summer at Cornish, part of the College’s External Programs department, is in many ways similar to the way art was taught in Nellie’s day. Cornish became a four-year college in 1977, but before that, students worked towards certificates, often attending the Cornish School in addition to other educational activities, such as public high school. In those days, in other words, study at Cornish was very much a part of the fabric of the everyday life of the community. The Summer at Cornish and Lifelong Learning programs are rediscovering that energy and adding it to the life of the College.

Alison Staplin, Ed.D. is Summer and External Programs Manager. “Cornish is on the verge of celebrating its 100th anniversary,” says Dr. Staplin, “The growth of our extension programs and the expansion of our accessibility to all ages demonstrates both a commitment to and a re-affirmation of Nellie’s mission of Cornish being ‘a spiritual home for the arts’ in our community.”

Registration is now open for Summer at Cornish and for the professional development opportunities, continuing education and workshops of Lifelong Learning.

Part of Nellie’s vision of Cornish as a spiritual home for the arts is realized by welcoming alumni back to the College. When alumni return as instructors and professors, so much the better. Jazz-minh Moore will be teaching for the fourth straight year in Summer at Cornish. After gaining her B.F.A. from Cornish, she went on to complete an M.F.A. from California State University, Long Beach. Jazz-minh has enjoyed a successful career and is now firmly ensconced in the New York art scene.  She has a strong feeling about teaching young artists here, based on her own experience.

“I came to Cornish at 17 years old from Oregon, as a contender for the Kreielsheimer Scholarship,” Moore writes. “My four years at Cornish were also my first four years away from home.  Seattle and Cornish provided an immensely fertile cultural ground from which to grow into myself, as a young adult as well as an artist.”

Moore is just one of many Summer at Cornish and Lifelong Learning faculty members offering students work with professional values. “We are very fortunate to work with a stellar faculty of practicing and professional artists of all disciplines,” says Alison Staplin. “The faculty understand how to meet students at any level and our class sizes make it possible for them to individualize their approach.”

Jazz-minh is excited about working with a new group of students this summer. “I’m proud to be able to give them some of the tools and foundation, language and lessons, which will afford sure footing in their lives, whether they choose to attend art school or not.  It’s a real pleasure working with the level of students that the Summer at Cornish program attracts.  These kids are brilliant and attentive and focused.”

The Summer at Cornish program has been established for some time now, and growing in strength, gathering students from all over the country and the world. As exciting as that is, the Lifelong Learning program has even wider possibilities, as it seeks to bring in students from the community, including business people eager to gain a creative perspective on their work.

“The flexibility of both our summer programs and our lifelong learning opportunities,” says Staplin, “affords students of all ages the ability to address educational needs and curiosities as they surface.”

As the College grows and its external programs with it, there won’t be anyone in the community who can’t be a part of Cornish. In ways Nellie Cornish could imagine 100 years ago and in ways she never could, these programs will create a wider, more involving and more relevant artistic community.

“Thank you Cornish, for fostering these communities of artists, generation after generation,” says Jazz-minh Moore. “I’m honored to be a part of such a brilliant and long-standing, independent arts community.”


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