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Pendleton House, A New Home for Alums

Pendleton House, A New Home for Alums

: Photo by Courtesy of Pendleton House.

Pendleton House opens A Beginning: increasingly, Cornish grads are discovering that collaboration brings power and freedom.

Picture Cornish as a glacier. Over the course of four years, students move slowly from the head to the terminus, finally calving into the open water of a career. Mostly, smaller columns of ice are dropping off the face of the glacier, but increasingly, columns are sticking together as they slide away from Cornish forming great chunks of ice that are moving off as bergs. The icebergs in this metaphor are collaborative groups of students and alumni like Pendleton House. On August 30, newly formed Pendleton House will be presenting A Beginning.

A Beginning is an appropriate name for the multimedia piece, as it is the first one produced by Pendleton House. Playing two shows only on August 30 at Velocity Dance Center at 6:30 and 9:30 p.m., the company calls A Beginning “a live sensory experience which utilizes the stage and unconventional performance spaces in Velocity.” Pendleton House promises that “Audience members will be immersed in a unique journey guided by the performers, through three rooms.”

Pendleton House spokesperson Babette McGeady (DA ’12), says that the piece is “A beginning, one beginning, but also it’s about the beginning of everything, following a through line about the innate delicate thing that makes us human.” Central to the theme of the connected parts is light, “varied elements of light through movement, sculpture, film and sound,” the group writes. “What does light hide? What stifles our internal light? What fuels it? How much do we, as humans, depend on light for growth and survival?”

Pendleton House is a collaborative group of 25 artists, including choreographers, composers, sculptors, designers and filmmakers who dance in, act in and build multimedia productions. The company is the brainchild of dance alum Babette McGeady and her sister, art student Rosemary McGeady (AR ‘16) who lent one of their family names, “Pendleton,” to the enterprise.

Significantly, there is no building connected with Pendleton House; though its members call it “The House” for short. “The House” is a structure of the mind and the emotions, and, of course, the arts. Much is contained in the organization motto: “A house built by artists that call it home.” McGeady says that the idea behind the organization was to recreate family, with a family’s emotional and financial support.

According to the members, “The House continuously strives toward building a collaborative and immersive home in which the artists are free to develop their careers individually, with the ability to return to the solid foundation which this collective provides.”

Although Cornish is known for encouraging collaboration across disciplines, McGeady says her group wants even more. “The majority of the collective are from Cornish College of the Arts,” says McGeady, “We have all worked together, we’re all friends, we all have the desire to investigate multimedia and collaboration.”

There is a recognition that the jolt that comes from breaking away from Cornish can be debilitating. Working together in groups allows graduates to spread the risk that comes with work outside of school, in fact, preserving an important aspect of being in a school. More than this, though, a collaborative group allows each of its members easy access to skills they want to make use of, but don’t themselves have, according to McGeady. The collective says of themselves “we are more powerful working as a single entity rather than as individuals.”

Cornish alumni who are House members include Ariana Bird (DA ’13), Tyler Coray (AR ’13), Matt Drews (DA ’13), Chantael Duke (DA ’13), William Hayes (MU ’13), Alexandra Maricich (DA), Mariah Martens (DA ’13), Benjamin Marx (MU ’13), Colleen McNeary (DA ’13), Baylee Reynolds (DA ’13), Jordan Rundle (DE ’13) and Christopher Walsh (AR ’13).

Current Cornish students working in the collective are Cameron Armstrong (MU ’14), “Coulliette,” (John Mark Powell [AR ’15]), Jasper Lane (DA ’16), Joe Montgomery (MU ’14), Trevor Miles (DA ’15), Sean Rosado (DA ’15) and Makenzie Stone (AR ’15).

Lauren Evans, Coleman Pester and Dylan Ward are also members.

Pendleton House’s A Beginning plays at Velocity Dance Center for two shows only August 30 at 6:30 and 9:30 p.m. Velocity is at 1621 12th Ave Seattle, WA 98122. FOR TICKETS.


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