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Insight Magazine Now Available On Line

Insight Magazine Now Available On Line

: Insight magazine; images courtesy of Cornish College of the Arts.

Cornish’s Insight magazine has been out in print for a while now, but not everybody has access to that — solution: read Insight on line.

For those who are on the list to receive Insight, the Cornish magazine, what’s in the Fall 2013 issue is old news. But there are a lot of people who have yet to enjoy its mixture of stories, news and … well … insights. For them, and for anyone in the world who can get on line and cares to take a look, Cornish has put this last issue on its server …

All it takes to read Insight right now is a link to take you there.

What you’ll find inside is a sampling of the kind of innovative artists who Cornish has launched. As College President Nancy Uscher writes in her forward to the issue, New Paradigms, Grand Possibilities, “A Cornish College of the Arts education leads artists in directions that constantly surprise and delight.”

• Jerick Hoffer, who has taken his classical theater studies, clown work and his abilities as a drag artist and is turning them into an explosive career on television, off-off-Broadway and around the country.

• Mary Lambert, who wrote a sweet strain as part of Macklemore’s hit Same Love, for which both are nominated for Grammys. Now she is setting out on a solo track.

• Scott Garner, now in grad school at NYU, who has been in the news for his phone app “Hell is Other People.” He’s become the prophet for the burgeoning movement of “anti-social media.”

• Joshua Kohl and Haruko Nishimura, who, with their collaborative group, the Degenerate Art Ensemble, are taking performance art to new and experimental territory.

There’s all that and more, such as a new line-up of VPs at the school and tons of alumni and faculty news.


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