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Dr. Shiela Edwards Lange Visits Cornish

Dr. Shiela Edwards Lange Visits Cornish

: Sheila Edwards Lange.

Dr. Shiela Edwards Lange, Vice President for Minority Affairs and Vice Provost for Diversity at the University of Washington (UW), came to Cornish on December 5, 2011 for a luncheon with the Diversity Steering Committee.

Because Cornish’s new Strategic Plan will be drafted during the Spring months of 2012, committee members were significantly interested in conversing with Dr. Lange about her experience at UW since the creation of her position in 1996 and its development until present, to explore the “Chief Diversity Officer model” as a possibility for new growth.

Dr. Lange shared that the UW Diversity Officers have been mostly focused on recruitment and retention of diverse students, faculty, and staff in both general and specifically focused departments of the college. Committee members talked with Dr. Lange about her experiences concerning goal setting and priority identification, accountability, and ideas for the Seattle community. Dr. Lange also noted that research on engaging diverse communities has been helpful, especially when based on the mission of the college. Lange recently completed a “Diversity Blueprint” in harmony with the UW’s Strategic Plan, highlighting the college’s commitment to diversity and recognition of its campus-wide importance.

The Cornish Diversity Steering Committee was created in 2006, after a diversity task force had begun work earlier that year. Since then, our community and its members have made their commitment to and embrace of this value clear, and the committee continually works to share information, collaborate, and bring opportunities to campus. As the committee evolves, they hope to establish greater stability and structure for this vital role. Dr. Lange’s insight will certainly prove valuable as the Cornish Diversity Steering Committee moves forward.

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