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Clement Releases LP

Clement Releases LP

: Courtesy of Dawn Clement.

Breakout jazz pianist Dawn Clement (MU ’00) releases a pop LP, featuring alums Lena Simon and Charlie Smith, with concert.

She’s become a fixture on the jazz scene in America, but Cornish alum and faculty member Dawn Clement is stretching a bit with her new LP, Tempest/Cobalt: she calls it a pop record. Tempest/Cobalt, which is also available on CD, features fellow Cornish alums Charlie Smith (MU ’02) and Lena Simon (MU ’11). Multi-instrumentalists, Simon plays drums, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, clarinet, and provides vocals, while Smith plays electric bass, keyboards, organ on the record as well as recording and producing it.

To celebrate the release of Tempest/Cobalt, Clement and company will be playing at the Columbia City Theater on Thursday, September 12 at 8 p.m. The theater is at 4916 Rainier Avenue South.

“Finally, the LP release concert for my new project Tempest/Cobalt,” writes Clement. According to her it is a double sided LP featuring original songs. On the “A” side, Clement plays with the full band, while side “B” features solo work.

“The recording was a collaboration with two Cornish alumni: Charlie Smith (engineer/producer/composer and part-owner of Studio Nels) and Lena Simon (Pollens; Kairos; The YC),” Clement continues.

They will appear at Columbia City with added performers. “I am thrilled to perform on the same bill with yet another Cornish alum, Whitney Lyman (Pollens; The Elderly). I am even more thrilled to be bringing the music to life with a full band featuring Ryan Burns (moog bass); Isaac Castillo (guitar/vox); Johnaye Kendrick (keytar/vox); and Jacques Willis (drums).”

Lyman graduated from the music department in 2009, Willis in 2003, and Johnaye Kendrick, like Clement herself, serves on the faculty at Cornish.


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