Faculty & Staff


  • Jeff Brice , Department Chair
  • Eric Holden , Computer Support Coordinator

Full Professors:

  • Susan Boye
  • Natalia Ilyin
  • Jacob Kohn

Associate Professors:

  • Tiffany Laine De Mott
  • Julie Myers

Assistant Professors:

  • Elizabeth Darrow


  • Robin Avni
  • Jesse Belknap
  • John Berry
  • Stephanie Bower
  • Ricky Castro
  • Jim Catel
  • Stacey Crumbaker
  • Katie Davis
  • Sonja Durr
  • Michael Eliason
  • Ellen Forney
  • Elizabeth Gordon
  • Lee Grambush
  • Justin Hamacher
  • Emily Hooper
  • Joseph Kent
  • Mark Kornblum
  • Esther Loopstra
  • Marisa Mangum
  • Scott Mayhew
  • Jennifer Milliron
  • Cameron Neat
  • Robin Oppenheimer
  • Wendy Quesinberry
  • Megan Quinn
  • Robynne Raye
  • Jenny Sapora
  • Christian Schmidt
  • Dan Shafer
  • Genevieve Tremblay
  • Junichi Tsuneoka
  • Tony White
  • Toby Wray




February 10, 2015

Nienkämper Brings Design Star Power to Cornish

As Cornish redefines and strengthens its Interior Architecture program within the Design Department, designer and entrepreneur Klaus Nienkämper pays a perfectly timed visit.

You should have learned the name if you love design, but even if you haven’t, you know the work of...


January 22, 2015

Cornish Throws a TASK Party for Everyone

UPDATE! The Cornish TASK Party, the concept work of noted artist Oliver Herring, opened its doors on January 16—HUGE success.

Update: Happy, whirring, spinning pandemonium in the Beebe Building at Cornish's Main Campus as Oliv...


December 19, 2014

Cornish Looks Beautiful At 100

Overlooking the formally attired crowd, all black tie and ball gowns to celebrate Cornish's 100th anniversary, graduate Mary Lambert remarked, “You look so beautiful out there."

Cornish College of the Arts celebrated 100 years in Seattle on Friday, November 14, 2014,...

More About Centennial Sponsors: The Cornish Centennial Gala set new records due in part to th...


December 14, 2014

Hang Ups Draws Crowd of Poster Lovers

More than 200 people attended Hang Ups: Cornish Poster Show at Cornish Playhouse at Seattle Center.

Robynne Raye declared that Hang Ups: Cornish Poster Show was a great success. "We had more than 200...