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Faculty & Staff

Our Cornish design faculty consists of professional designers and educators who create an academic environment strongly rooted in both design practice and theory. Our core faculty, Susan Boye, Tiffany Laine DeMott, Natalia Ilyin, Jacob Kohn, and Julie Myers, embodies our departmental belief in providing a convergent design education that provokes innovation while underscoring social consciousness.

Our adjunct faculty is drawn from some of Seattle’s most recognized firms: Robynne Raye is one of the co-owners of Modern Dog; Elizabeth Gordon represents the talent to be found at Mithun: Jennifer Milliron and CJ Brockway hail from NBBJ, Tobey Wray is at Starbucks, Emily Hooper is at EMP, Jim Catel is at HBO, Scott Mayhew is at ArenaNet, and Mark Kornblum is at Substantial. Cornish is also home to many well respected independent designers including, Dan Shafer and Ricky Castro Wendy Quesinberry, Marisa Mangum, graphic novelist Ellen Forney, illustrators Esther Loopstra, Junichi Tsuneoka and Stephanie Bower, book artist Jenny Sapora, designers, and animator Tony White, and others.


  • Jeff Brice
  • Eric Holden

Full Professors:

  • Susan Boye
  • Elizabeth Darrow
  • Natalia Ilyin
  • Jacob Kohn

Associate Professors:

  • Tiffany Laine De Mott
  • Julie Myers


  • Jesse Belknap
  • Gala Bent
  • Stephanie Bower
  • CJ Brockway
  • Ricky Castro
  • Jim Catel
  • Gayle Clemans
  • Sayre Coombs
  • Ellen Forney
  • Julie Gaskill
  • Elizabeth Gordon
  • Justin Hamacher
  • Emily Hooper
  • BeAnne Hull
  • Mark Kornblum
  • Marisa Mangum
  • Scott Mayhew
  • Jennifer Milliron
  • Cameron Neat
  • Robin Oppenheimer
  • Wendy Quesinberry
  • Robynne Raye
  • Taryn Rehn
  • Natalie Riha
  • Jenny Sapora
  • Dan Shafer
  • Matthew Southworth
  • Genevieve Tremblay
  • Junichi Tsuneoka
  • Tony White
  • Toby Wray