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Design Students Take Portfolio Awards -VIDEO UPDATE

Design Students Take Portfolio Awards -VIDEO UPDATE

: Photo by Mark Bocek.

Interior design students from all over the Northwest vied for portfolio awards from the IIDA; the lion’s share went to Cornish students Anuradha Mohan and Candon Murphy.

UPDATE: Video now included, below.

At this year’s International Interior Design Association (IIDA) Northern Pacific Chapter InAwards, the winners of the IIDA Northern Pacific Chapter Wilsonart Student Portfolio Scholarships were announced. The awards are given to college students in interior design for best portfolio presentations, one each for a sophomore, a junior and a senior. Both the “best senior portfolio award” and “best junior portfolio award” went to Cornish students. The senior category with its prize of $1250 was awarded to Anuradha Mohan and Candon Murphy took the junior category and $750. *

Students from programs in Washington, Idaho, Alaska and British Columbia competed and were juried by a panel of senior professionals from the Seattle area. Along with the student portfolio awards, the local IIDA chapter also recognized a number of professional designers and design firms for their work.

Candon Murphy says that the feedback she received on her portfolio lauded its strong graphic presentation, its concision and that it had a “good story.” Candon says she was told her concept moved well from “micro to macro,” starting with chair design and building to larger spaces.

Junior winner Anu Mohan was also praised for her narrative structure, the way in which her projects “took a clear route from beginning to final product.” Anu says the graphics classes she took with the graphic designers in her department “really helped us understand how to combine images with designs.” Interior design and graphic design are in the same department at Cornish.

Both Anu and Candon say that Cornish prepared them well for producing, arranging and presenting their work. “Concept is our major effort,” says Candon, “Refining concepts. I’ve been focused on rendering designs in 2D and 3D.” Both credit Cornish professor and Julie Myers with guiding their work.

Candon and Anu also feel the small size of their classes and the resulting personal attention were instrumental in their success. Anu’s class has five students in it and Candon’s 11.

UPDATE: Watch the awards being given; start video, use slider to move to 11:36 —

* Corrected from “sophomore award” and “junior award” - ed.

PICTURE: Candon Murphy and Anuradha Mohan; photo by Mark Bocek



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