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Graduates of the Dance Department at Cornish College of the Arts are expected to achieve the following learning outcomes:

  • Proficient dance technique that integrates physical mastery, somatic awareness, conceptual understanding, emotional investment and musicality.
  • Broad and stylistically versatile performance skills that are adaptable to diverse artistic endeavors, including intentional clarity, emotional engagement, physical investment and technical specificity.
  • Ability to make compositional choices by integrating craft with clear artistic vision and creative investigation.
  • Broad applicable knowledge of the practices, theories, histories and pedagogies of dance.
  • Knowledge of the body, understanding of personal physical facility and strategies for self-care.
  • Knowledge of technical theater, concert production and professional administrative practices.
  • A personal aesthetic direction shaped by individual interests and passions, knowledge of professional options and realistic self-assessment.
  • Capacity to form and articulate ideas and opinions, verbally and in writing, through analysis, reflection and synthesis.
  • Maturation developed through reflection, self-directed learning and synthesis of diverse areas of knowledge, fostering responsibility, accountability and a sense of self.