Faculty & Staff


  • Kathryn “Kitty” Daniels - Department Chair
  • D.J. Gommels
  • Amanda Kurtz - Department Coordinator

Core Faculty:

  • Iyun Ashani Harrison
  • Patricia Hon
  • Wade Madsen
  • Lodi McClellan
  • Michele Miller
  • Deborah Wolf

Adjunct Faculty:

  • Amma Anang
  • Shannon Barnes
  • Corrie Befort
  • Kayti Bouljon
  • Steve Casteel
  • Carla Corrado
  • Meg Fox
  • Naomi Glass
  • Jamie Karlovich
  • Vivian Little
  • Becci Parsons
  • Alia Swersky

Dance Accompanists:

  • Kofi Anang
  • Kevin Cook
  • Caroline Goodell
  • Marleen Land
  • Mary Ann Lee
  • Ryan Love
  • Ben Morrow
  • Angela Rinaldi-Gribas


News & Events


February 13, 2015

Dance Seniors Show Off Their Style

The 2015 BFA Dance Concerts on February 14 and 21, showcase the choreography and performance work of Cornish Dance Department’s class of 2015.

An eclectic array of dance styles and viewpoints make up the 2015 BFA Dance Concerts this Saturday a...


December 19, 2014

Cornish Looks Beautiful At 100

Overlooking the formally attired crowd, all black tie and ball gowns to celebrate Cornish's 100th anniversary, graduate Mary Lambert remarked, “You look so beautiful out there."

Cornish College of the Arts celebrated 100 years in Seattle on Friday, November 14, 2014,...

More About Centennial Sponsors: The Cornish Centennial Gala set new records due in part to th...


December 4, 2014

Ferguson Piece Leads CDT Fall Concert Lineup

Dance professor Iyun Ashani Harrison’s statement on Ferguson, Mystery of Iniquity, was featured in the Cornish Dance Theater's Fall Concert 2014.

Mystery of Iniquity, Iyun Ashani Harrison’s offering for the Cornish Dance Theater Fall Concert, d...