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Food Services for a Sustainable Future

At Bon Appétit we recognize the great power and importance of food. Food brings people together, creates a sense of place and a feeling of kinship. Food sustains not only our bodies but also our communities and environment.

We care about what you eat and its effect on your sense of well being. We work hard to provide you with food that is fresh, seasonal and minimally processed. Fruits and vegetables purchased whole and naturally ripe contain the most nutrients and simply taste better. Meat, poultry and milk produced without antibiotics or growth hormones are better for your body. We strive to give organic and healthful options.

The effects of our choices extend well beyond the walls of our cafés. We choose to invest in our communities by buying millions of dollars worth of products each year from local farmers and artisans. Purchasing directly from the producers allows us to support sustainable farming practices that nourish and replenish the local land rather than stripping it. And, we can be sure that the profits are kept with the local grower, not a distant importer, and therefore reinvested into the community.

Still, the capacity of our planet is not limitless. We are very mindful of the impact we are making on our environment. We only serve seafood purchased in accordance with the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch guidelines for sustainability. We reduce waste through recycling and are also making strides in the areas of composting and biodegradable disposables. You can rest assured that all of the packaging of this boxed meal is indeed 100% post consumer recycled materials. Our intention is to tread lightly on our planet.

We believe we must take a stand on these issues surrounding our food supply. We view this responsibility has a value of who we are. It is what makes us uniquely Bon Appétit.