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The Barn Show

$30-35 general,
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The Blood Ensemble's Barn Show

Through August 02, 2014
10:38 p.m.

Johnson Family Farm
4829 97th Ave NE, Marysville, WA

Unlike traditional theatre productions, Barn Show will actually take place in and around a barn that was built at the turn of the last century in Marysville, Washington. This ‘on location’ site-specific show will reveal the secrets the barn has witnessed over the last hundred years. Barn Show Company includes: Zack Hewell (TH '09), Drew Starmer (TH Current Junior) Dayo Anderson, Megan Jackson, Emily Harvey, Adria LaMorticella, Timmy Keener, Jesse Parce, Brittni Thoreson, Jake Vice, Max Kirchner and Carrie Cates.

Those in attendance won’t simply watch the action unfold, but will be fully immersed in it as they will be able to see, feel and smell the barn and its environment, making Barn Show a totally new, devised experience.

“The story of family that owns the barn was so inspiring to us that we couldn’t say no to this project. When we saw the barn and heard that the property was being purchased by WalMart, we knew we had to give it one last send off.” said Adria LaMorticella, company member of Blood Ensemble.“This show is quite unique in that we’re producing it on location in an old barn,” said Emily Harvey, Co-Artistic Director, Blood Ensemble. “This show will be a sort of a ‘if walls could talk’ experience. When you see this barn, questions like ‘what happened in this place?’ and ‘what could have happened here?’ immediately pop into your head. We will be adding aspects of magical realism and American folktales to really capture the audience’s attention, plus food will be provided, making it a great night out.” Blood Ensemble will be using Kickstarter for a crowdfunding campaign, which will pave the way for this unique event. Donations will be used to transport Seattle audience members and provide a community dinner at each performance. Barn Show is conceived by the small, but reputable Blood Ensemble, and created by the Barn Show Company.

About Blood Ensemble ( Blood Ensemble is a Seattle-based experimental theatre company with a mission: to make theater essential. BE has produced shows such as Blood/Sailing, Nevermore, The Saga of Baba Yaga and more. The company was established in 2010 by Emily Harvey, Megan Jackson, T’ai Hartley and Dayo Anderson, of which Emily, Dayo and Megan serve the company as its Co-Artistic Directors. Blood Ensemble is based in Seattle. Blood Ensemble is an agile, ambitious, progressive and forward thinking theatre company. Courtney Meaker ofThe Sun Break said – “Blood Ensemble excelled at propelling the story through these compelling and sometimes creepy movements.” Brendan Kiley of The Stranger said “I can’t wait to see what Blood Ensemble does next.” To hear more about Blood Ensemble and it’s unique theatrical vision, visit their website – to follow the team on Facebook andTwitter.