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Members of the cast; image courtesy of Confrontational Theater Project.

$20.00 general, $15.00 seniors, $15.00 students and alumni (with ID)
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Through June 23, 2014

815 Seattle Blvd South , Seatthle, WA

The Confrontational Theatre Project is putting up Starling, their first production of a new work by playwrights Julia Nardin and Samm Murphy. It tells the story of two estranged sisters who rescue a German war correspondent during the last great conflict between Poland's underground resistance movement and occupying Nazi forces. As the city they grew up in is systematically destroyed and its occupants executed by the thousands, the pair must choose between duty to their country and duty to the life they saved.

World War II and the years leading up to it are a pivotal period in human history. This era holds a sacred place in our popular culture because of its transformative power, but most of the stories that arise from it are written by men and dominated by men, creating a narrative in which women are relegated to peripheral roles or excluded entirely. In reality, the conflict affected women as profoundly as men: typical stories of "comfort women" forced into prostitution by the Japanese in the Pacific, young Soviet girls who fought alongside their male compatriots on the front lines of Eastern Europe, and Allied spies who wielded their gender as a weapon against Nazi Germany account for only a small number of the unique female experiences created by the war.

Katherine Jett (TH '11)
Danika Golombek (TH)
Tom Stewart
Stefan Hajek
David Klein
Beau M.K. Prichard - Director
Taylor Buhrman - Technical Director
Ahren Buhmann - Set Designer
Kyle Thompson - Sound Designer
Alex Lewington - Costume Designer
Georgina Cohen - Assistant Costume Designer
Megan Tuschhoff (PP) - Propsmaster
Julia Nardin - Dramaturg
Baron von Oldenburg - Producer