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View of Heather Hart's "Juju for the Blood". Image courtesy of the artist.

This is a free event.

Material Memory

Through May 24, 2014

Gallery Aferro [website]
73 Market Street, Newark, NJ

Material Memory: Heather Hart (AR '98), Nick Pilato, Sophy Naess

Curated by Barbara Madsen

Material Memory is an exhibition bringing together three heterogeneous artists whose work engages observers to create their own narratives whether they are rooted in quotidian encounters, material process, or triggered latent memories. One may look to material culture studies to frame the associations that cultures have with objects, structures and landscapes through collective experience and memory. The exhibition considers the artist’s choices when deciding which physical intransient substances to use, directly or indirectly manipulating perception based upon the audience’s experience with the material. It raises questions about mortality and the invaluable commodity of time, ever present and yet fleeting, concrete and yet intangible. It examines the artist’s daily observations, transmuting meaningful or mundane fodder into content. What roles do everyday objects play in our lives? How are inherent memories born from these objects? How do material objects, and structures generate communal memory? What triggers the decisions we make? Is it a simple fragment from the street? Shard? House? How are these impulses implemented?