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Masterclass: Navin Chettri

April 10, 2014, 12:00 p.m.

710 East Roy Street, Seattle, WA [map]

Multi-talented percussionist, vocalist and composer Navin Chettri explores Indo-Jazz rhythms in this masterclass.

Navin Chettri is a percussionist, vocalist, composer and the founder & artistic director of The Kathmandu Jazz Festival. He was born and raised in the hills of Darjeeling, India, a region inhabited by people of Nepalese origin. Learning tabla and entering singing competitions from the age of 4, Chettri was greatly influenced by Nepali folkloric music, Indian classical music, and western music as a student in Mount Hermon School, Darjeeling. After moving to Kathmandu, Nepal with his band Cadenza, he encountered travelers and musicians form Africa, Europe and America that exposed them to jazz, and Chettri found his true passion in this creative realm of music. Chettri's band Cadenza, released albums Don’t Mind if We Do in 2000, Jazz at Patan in 2002 and Groove for Shiva in 2005. These recordings received critical recognition in Nepal and around the world. His latest CD Back to the Roots was released in February 2014 with high anticipation and enthusiasm from the fans and the press.

Chettri has shared the stage with numerous musicians from around the world coming from various styles of music including Sting (England), Jamie Baum, Dario Eskenazi (USA), Natalie Williams (England), Jesse Van Ruller, Mike Delferro (Netherlands), Max Lolo, (Benin), Catia and Carlos Werneck (Brazil), Afro Dizzi Act, Don Borrows (Australia), Yunior Canberra, Xiomora Laugart and Steve Barrios (Cuba) Ari Hoenig, Ben Stivers, Claudia Quintet (USA), Manu Koch, Eliane Amherd, Beat Kasteli, (Switzerland). Chettri travelled to Ghana during June 2010 with Professor Barry Bilderback for a research project focusing on traditional Ghanaian drumming and dance which enhanced is love even more for West African music and since has been incorporating the african sound in all his music. He experiments with musicians from different backgrounds blending sounds from around the world and composing music for various ensembles and commissioned projects. He founded and directs the University of Idaho World Beat Ensemble. As a Hampton Scholar, with a Masters degree in performance and composition from the Lionel Hampton School of Music, he currently directs the annual World Music Celebration event at the University of Idaho, and the Kathmandu Jazz Festival in Nepal.