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Image courtesy of The Collision Project, 2014.

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Through February 22, 2014
8:00 p.m.

The Lab @ Inscape [website]
815 Seattle Boulevard South, Seattle, WA

By Jose Rivera

Marisol is having a tough day. She barely survived being attacked with a golf club by a babbling lunatic on the subway. Her guardian angel is abandoning her in order to lead the angels in an assault against an old and obsolete God.

Her best friend's deranged and violent brother is obsessed with the idea of Marisol and despite having never met Marisol before, is planning for their future child together. A woman who shares her name and face was murdered last night on her block.

And that's before Marisol's life gets really weird.

As hell on earth engulfs New York and a battle in heaven fills the sky, Marisol finds herself in the middle defending her friends, her life and her own sanity.

Gritty realism, unforgettable poetic images, and a delightfully twisted sense of humor thrive in this epic hero quest that travels through the landscape of the city, our society, and our minds with beautiful, wild abandon.

Featuring the Acting Talents of Carolyn Marie Monroe, Shermona Mitchell (TH '04), Libby Barnard, Carter Rodriquez, Jill Snyder and Ben McFadden (TH '08).

Designed by Antoinette Bianco, Sara Torres (PP '08), Kyle Thompson and Jocelyn Fowler.