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Henry IV

$Free-50 general,
This is a free event.

Freehold's Engaged Theatre Program's The Flower of England's Face: William Shakespeare's Henry IV

Through July 20, 2014
11:38 p.m.

Washington's Glen Hughes Penthouse Theatre
NE 45th St & 17th Ave. NE - UW Entranc, Seattle, WA

The Flower of England's Face: William Shakespeare's Henry IV looks at the human ability and necessity to reinvent ourselves; and the human resilience and courage it takes to break out of conventional expectations. When asked what called her to tell this story of Henry IV for this year's tour, director Robin Lynn Smith (Cornish TH Faculty), responded:

"I am continually surprised somehow that at every stage of our lives we are challenged to crash / burn and start over in a new, uncertain phase. I keep thinking I should be finished! Aging, loss, grief are great and formidable teachers. In Henry IV, both the public and private worlds are going through ground shaking transition. The Kingdom, coming off of revolt and civil war, is in a very precarious state; just as the characters are facing individual instability, and having to reinvent themselves."

Cast: Geoffrey Alm, Sarah Brooke, Christine Marie Brown, Ariel Burke, Grace Carmack, Joe Cummings, Erin Gray, Chesa Greene, Ronnie Hill, Reginald André Jackson, Aishé Keita, Jim Lapan, Andrew McGinn, Peter Dylan O'Connor, Tony Pasqualini, Rhonda J. Soikowski (TH Faculty), Kate Sumpter. Composer: Gino Yevdjevich Musicians: Beth Fleenor, Whitney Lyman, Gino Yevdjevich. Set Design: Catherine Cornell. Costume Design: Anastasia Armes. Lighting Design: Wes Chew Puppet Design and Master: Annett Mateo. Movement Director: Jessica Jobaris. Fight Choreography: Peter Dylan O'Connor