Cornish Presents: Deceptive Cadence - Celebrating Paul Taub’s 38 Years at Cornish

In celebration of faculty member Paul Taub’s 38 years of service to Cornish, flutist Taub will be joined by his colleagues from the New Performance Group, Seattle Chamber Players, IWO Flute Quartet and others, in a program of 21st century music. The program will include a work commissioned by Taub by the late Cornish faculty member Bern Herbolsheimer, a newly commissioned piece by alumna Beth Fleenor, and music by Alexandra Gardner, Jovino Santos Neto, Angelique Poteat and Helena Tulve. Proceeds from the concert will go towards Cornish Music student scholarships.


Song and Dance by Angelique Poteat performed by the IWO Flute Quartet: Sydney Carlson, Leonard Garrison, Jennifer Rhyne, Paul Taub

Ashik Dances Before His Love* by Bern Herbolsheimer

Untitled new work*  by Beth Fleenor performed by members of the New Performance Group: Paul Taub (flute); Walter Gray (cello); Matthew Kocmieroski (percussion); Roger Nelson (piano)

Sertao Carioca** by Jovino Santo Neto performed by Paul Taub (flute) and Jovino Santos Neto (piano)

The Way of Ideas*** by Alexandra Gardner performed by the Seattle Chamber Players: Paul Taub (flute): Laura DeLuca (clarinet); Mikhail Shmidt (violin); David Sabee (cello)

Pulss, möön ja voolamine by Helena Tulve performed by Paul Taub (bass flute) and Cristina Valdes (piano)
* commissioned by Paul Taub 
** dedicated to Paul Taub
*** commissioned by the Seattle Chamber Players 

Mar 25, 2018 Location: Kerry Hall PONCHO Concert Hall


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