Saci - A Brazilian Folktale & The Greater Trumps


Two fixtures of the Seattle arts scene, Karin Stevens Dance and the Universal Language

Project, join forces with a shared vision of creating timely works responding to relevant social issues and the human experience. On the bill are two pieces: Saci – A Brazilian Folktale, composed by three-time Latin Grammy nominee Jovino Santos-Neto, and The Greater Trumps, Libretto by Doug Thorpe and music by Igor Stravinsky.

The original production of Saci was paired with Stravinksy’s seminal work, The Soldier’s Tale. By commission from the Universal Language Project, Mr. Santos-Neto has composed music using the same instrumentation as Stravinsky, but written in the style of his native Brazil and utilizing Brazilian folklore as subject material. The Saci (sah-see) has been a mythological character of Brazilian folklore since the early 1800s – an amalgam of different cultural strains, combining elements from Native Brazilian tribes, African Slaves, and Portuguese colonizers.

These two works are designed to be experienced together. Composed at the start of World War I, the ground-breaking The Soldier’s Tale was largely inspired by the difficulties of making dramatic art in a time of financial crisis – not unlike making art in the 21st Century. With Stravinksy’s music and an exciting new libretto by Doug Thorpe, The Greater Trumps will create a re-imagined and politically charged work tackling concerns of our time, and celebrating nearly 100 years since the original music’s premiere.

Dec 1, 2017 Location: Cornish Playhouse Main Auditorium

Dec 2, 2017 Location: Cornish Playhouse Main Auditorium


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