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Art Department

The Art Department is currently updating it’s curriculum and structure to support enhanced exploratory, cross-disciplinary practice. Details will be announced in early 2014, and the new program will launch in Fall 2014.

Students should refer to the model program that was in effect for the year and term of their entrance to Cornish. View archived catalogs and model programs.

Art Model Program 2013 – 2014

The curriculum presented below follows a generalized model, but each student’s program will be individualized based on placement testing, transfer credits and individual progress as the student advances. All art students take 67 studio credit hours in area studios chosen from Painting, Photography, Print Art, Sculpture & Related Genres, Video/Media Arts, Drawing and Core Studio Concepts.

Program Overview 
Humanities & Sciences 30
College Electives (outside the major) 6
Total Credits for a BFA Degree in Art 121
First Year Fall Spring
AR Core Studio Concepts 3 2
AR 105 Digital Imaging Studio X* 2
AR 121 Painting Studio X* 2
AR 131 Sculpture Studio X* 2
AR 151 Print Studio X* 2
AR 161 Video Studio X* 2
AR 171 Photography Studio X* 2
AR 102 Drawing: Bare Bones 2
H&S Integrated Studies 6 6
Total Credits 15 16

* To be taken either fall or spring semester.

Second Year Fall Spring
Studio I–II 3 3
Studio I–II 3 3
Studio Elective 3
AR 141 Visual Art History I 3
AR 142 Visual Art History II 3
H&S Course Work 3 3
AR 203 Drawing: Works on Paper 2
AR 204 Drawing: The Dynamic Figure 2
Total Credits 17 14
Third Year Fall Spring
Studio III–IV 3 3
Studio III–IV 3 3
Studio Elective 3
Drawing Elective 2
AR 343 Modern Art History 3
AR 441 Contemporary Art History 3
College Electives 2
H&S Course Work 3 3
Total Credits 17 14
Fourth Year Fall Spring
AR Studio V–VI 3 3
AR Studio V–VI 3 3
AR 411 Professional Art Practices 3
AR 412 BFA Seminar 3
College Electives 2 2
H&S Course Work 3 3
Total Credits 14 14
Art Department