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Insight 2012 Magazine Now Online

Insight 2012 Magazine Now Online

: Cornish College of the Arts, Emily Hooper, designer. Photo by Robert Campbell, from his film Pulchrior in Luce.

It only happens once a year and now it’s online: Cornish’s magazine, Insight, offers an annual guide to the college that’s both comprehensive and easy-to-use.

Cornish provides a number of channels you can use track events, accomplishments and people in the news; for pure impact, however, nothing beats Insight magazine. The magazine brings it all together in a tight, attractive package: stories about alums making a name for themselves, faculty accomplishments, news, awards, college finances and — it should go without saying — lots of pictures. Insight is printed once a year, at present, so it’s arrival is highly anticipated by the limited list of people who are in line to receive it.

Now you don’t have to go and find the print version: the 2012 edition is available to everyone via the Internet. Issuu, the online publishing site, offers magazines to ’net users as close to the print version as electronic media can deliver. The link below opens the most recent issue of Insight:

Insight, the Cornish Magazine, 2012

In this issue of Insight, find feature stories on Cornish students working with Amazon, the latest films of faculty member Robert Campbell, theater alum Ramiz Monsef and the most recent Neddy winners. In “People to Watch” follow alums Aleah Chapin, rapper Katie Kate, Brad Shepik, Jason Simms and Noah Veneklasen. Also find sections that run down the latest from the Cornish community, a pictorial guide to the art of Cornish over the year, and a quick look at the business of the college.

PICTURED: Spread of pages from Insight magazine, design by Emily Hooper, featuring art on the cover from Robert Campbell’s film Pulchrior in Luce.


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