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Art Department

Art School Janitors

Art School Janitors

: Art School Janitors, 2nd Floor Hallway, MCC. Photo by Corby Baker.

We all know that Cornish teems with creativity and artistry among our students and faculty. That same exuberant talent can be found among the staff, as well. Through the middle of October, you’ve got a chance to see an amazing example, the exhibition in the second floor hallway. You can see more photos on our Facebook page.

Organized by Corby Baker, it was inspired by John Hagman during a conversation they had following the death of Jon Gerlich, a much-beloved faculty member.

“We were talking about art and design, and how wonderful Jon was and about his class where the students would design chairs out of alternative materials such as the cement safety chair and the plywood designs,” says Corby.

“Jon had given me the idea to design the fork rocking chair, as well as given input when I was designing the art skate boards. Jon and I would talk all the time of talent on the staff, and that art was all over the school in different forms; and how you might be surprised by who could do what. When I asked the custodians to submit art, I thought maybe three would be interested or had anything to bring –  it turns out it twice the number brought art and not just any art, great art.”

The show includes work by six of the custodial crew:
Suzanne Turner
Jim Mayo
Corby Baker
Jake Galm
Carl Falkner
Zac Boetes

Zac, Jake and Carl all have art degrees. Carl is a Cornish alum and Jake is finishing his second degree at Cornish. Several members of the custodial crew are taking classes at Cornish.

Who knows what artistic surprises you might see next at Cornish.

Corby Baker is also featured in The Philosopher Kings, a feature-length documentary about eight college/university custodians. Learn more here.


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