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Stinson Among 50 Most Influential Seattlites

Stinson Among 50 Most Influential Seattlites

: Photo by Charlie Shuck.

Curator Sierra Stinson [AR ’08] finds herself listed among the “50 Most Influential People in Seattle Right Now” by Seattle Met magazine.

Seattle Met magazine puts out an annual list of the “50 Most Influential People in Seattle Right Now.” This year, Cornish art grad Sierra Stinson is on it. Stinson is in the vanguard of a movement to redefine how art is presented. She is a curator sans musée or without even what most people would think of as a gallery. Her exhibitions, such as her Vingnettes, take place in her apartment or other spaces pressed into service, such as with the recent Onn/Of festival of light she spearheaded.

The Seattle Met was looking for intellectual leaders in putting together its list, leaders whose ideas have moved the city forward. This because, unlike other cities with defined power bases, the staff sees Seattle leadership qualities as harder to pin down. “Here the juice that puts things in motion is harder to define. The closest word is ideas,” wrote Seattle Met. “But it’s never the idea siloed in the head of one person. It’s the big idea, wet and ill formed, that leaks from one mind to another, the idea upon which entire communities feast before rising onto the national stage.” With her redefinition of what it means to be a curator, Stinson definitely fits this mold. “Stinson is quietly helping build what is becoming the Seattle art movement of the decade: selfless acts of collaboration.”

Sierra sees herself simply as enabler. “I believe one must be present in order to move forward and to nurture the art and artists in this city,” she says. “Seattle is a creatively rich petri dish to work within and has been for a long time. I hope to work towards the import and export of that in the future. To embrace it on a larger scale.”

Stinson has been singled out before for her work. She was named on City Arts magazine’s “Future List” of “Creators. Innovators. Opportunity-makers.” The magazine praised her for her gently iconoclastic bent. “Sierra Stinson has nothing against art galleries,” it wrote, “She just doesn’t need them.”

IMAGE: Sierra Stinson; photo by Charlie Schuck, as seen in
Seattle Met, cropped with the permission of the photographer.


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