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Nawalinski Work in “Infinite Possibilities”

Nawalinski Work in “Infinite Possibilities”

: "Ten Seconds of Rain", Cynthia Nawalinski80 pages, 2010. .

Cynthia Nawalinski’s [AR ‘83] piece Ten Seconds of Rain included in 23 Sandy Gallery show, “Infinite Possibilities: Math, Science, Book Arts” through December 29.

The concept of Cynthia Nawalinski’s piece Ten Seconds of Rain is simple, and like many simple things, profound: open a book and let the rain mark it. Ten Seconds of Rain is now featured in a gallery show at Portland’s 23 Sandy Gallery, currently open and running through December 29, “Infinite Possibilities: Math, Science, Book Arts.” The 23 Sandy, owned and operated by Laura Russell, presents “local and national artists working in contemporary book arts, painting, photography and printmaking.”

Ten Seconds of Rain is a series of notebooks described by the gallery as “a series of pseudo-scientific journals capturing rain patterns.” It is a kind of natural journal, or perhaps a journal of nature: “This variable, open edition artist book documents rain for 10 seconds on various dates in one location. A list in the front of the book documents the dates and time for each print.”

The 23 Sandy Gallery quotes Nawalinski: “As an artist, I look for patterns in my surroundings, and I enjoy searching for ways to make random patterns that aren’t controlled by the artist’s hand. One day, while I was looking out my studio window, I wondered how to make art from the essential, basic experience of living in Oregon. Then I noticed the rain. I set out to capture the pattern of the rain as it falls on the earth and, through many experiments, I discovered a way to make prints of the rain.”

“Infinite Possibilities” intends to show that “The subjects of art, math, and science aren’t nearly as disparate as they sometimes seem. By those in the know, meaning those left-brained, analytical types, math and science are often viewed and described in artistic terms: the eloquence of an equation, the beauty of a concept.”

Cynthia Nawalinski holds not only a B.F.A. from Cornish college of the Arts (1983), but also a B.S. in entomology from U.C. Berkeley. She works primarily in the areas of sculpture and printmaking. In the last few years Cynthia has renewed her activity in artists’ books and mail art, and recently co-hosted a mail art call. Cynthia is the awardee of an artist residency from Caldera Arts and an Individual Artist Fellowship from the Oregon Arts Commission to further develop her work with maps. She shows work in Portland, Oregon, as well as Seattle and Stehekin, Washington.

PICTURED: Ten Seconds of Rain, Cynthia Nawalinski, 2010.
Thirty-nine images, 80 pages, Monoprints,
Moleskine Cahier Journal with Kraft cover, acid free paper, ink, typewritten vintage label.
5 x 8.25 inches, Variable edition of 6 (vol. 1) / Variable edition of 4 (vol. 2), signed and numbered.


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