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Gala Bent Works at G Gibson

Gala Bent Works at G Gibson

: Gala Bent, "There is So Much Going On," 2013 watercolor, gouache, ink and graphite on paper, 22 x 30 inches.

Gala Bent Works at G Gibson

: "Gala Bent": ambrotype photographs. Photo by Daniel Carillo.

Gala Bent Works at G Gibson

: Gala Bent, "This I Know and Know Full Well," 2013; ink, watercolor, wax pencil and graphite on paper, 13 x 22.5 inches.

Gala Bent Works at G Gibson

: Gala Bent, "And This is the Way We Were Borne," 2013 gouache and graphite on paper, 18.25 x 28.5 inches.

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Exploding with life: brand new adjunct design faculty member Gala Bent shows work in The Ether and the Mantle through October 12.

Gala Bent, who just joined the design faculty at Cornish, says that her new show at the G. Gibson Gallery “can be read as a series of love poems between the elements in the earth and those in the air.” In The Ether and the Mantle, there is indeed a kind of chemical reaction between elements, an explosion of color and life.

The Ether and the Mantle.

“The timely meeting of these elements on Earth is the crucial part of the story of our genesis as living creatures,” Bent goes on to say. “Inspired by recent work with a biochemist, I have both seriously and playfully engaged with the tumultuous history of life on a chemical/geological level. It is a story of catastrophe and exchange, morphing structures and unlocking of elements in their time, repulsion, attraction and harmony.”

The project with the biochemist will culminate in the publishing of a book. “The work … is to illustrate a book about the particular nature of certain elements and their interaction through the course of the planet’s history—a series of changes that allowed, eventually, for the emergence of life.”

As a new adjunct faculty member of the design department, Gala Bent is teaching illustration and painting technique for illustrators. “We are thrilled to have Gala Bent joining our faculty of the Illustration concentration of the Design Department,” said Jeff Brice, interim chair. “She brings a high level of professionalism to our curriculum. “

Bent was The Stranger’s selection as a young artist to watch on the Seattle scene in The New Guard Four Up-and-Coming Artists Driven by Boredom, Madness, Hair, and Pop. “The works are just drawings,” writes Stranger critic Jen Graves, “sometimes they spill out of wounds in walls, onto the floor, rather than staying within the frame of a piece of paper, but still, they’re just marks on a surface—yet they’ve got texture, physicality, extension into another realm.”

Bent is excited to be opening a new exhibition of her work at the G. Gibson Gallery. “Solo shows are always significant for me, since they are more like writing a novel versus a short story or poem,” says Bent. “This particular body of work advances out of research in preparation for an illustration project that is more scientific and pragmatic in nature than most of my work. It was satisfying to respond poetically to some of the new things I’m learning about the structure of the world.”

Coming up for Bent is a book project/exhibition with Serrah Russell that will be at Gage Academy of Art: A Building for Breathing. It will show from October 18th - November 15th in Gage’s Entry Gallery.

Gala Bent calls herself “a drawing-centric painter who works on paper, in installed spaces, and with animation.” Bent holds an M.F.A. from State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo, and a B.F.A. in Painting from Ball State University. She is represented by G.Gibson Gallery in Seattle, and has shown nationally and internationally. Gala lives with her husband, fellow-artist Zack Bent, and her three sons in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle.

The Ether and the Mantle, through October 12, the G. Gibson Gallery, 300 South Washington Street, Seattle 98104.


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