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Design Students Win SCCA Video Competition

Design Students Win SCCA Video Competition

: Still from the winning video. Courtesy of Cornish College of the Arts.

Cornish motion design students create videos to educate patients & families at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance; winner selected.

A group of Cornish design students has had their video selected for showing on the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center site as part of the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) project to educate patients and their families on health matters. The group, Heather Coles (DE ’14), Nikko Azucena (DE ’14), Kristen Ceresola (DE ’13) and Sara Weisenbach (DE ’14), produced an instructional video on taking care out-of-doors, Prevent Skin Cancer: Protect Yourself from the Sun.  Their video was one of five produced in Associate Professor Jeff Brice’s Motion Design class, and included The Importance of Hand Washing, How to Cope with Sleeplessness, How to Manage Fatigue and If you have a cough, sneezing or other cold or flu symptoms, BE a HERO and wear a mask.


Prevent Skin Cancer: Protect Yourself from the Sun from Cornish College of the Arts on Vimeo.

Fred Hutchinson is a member of the SCCA along with UW Medicine and Seattle Children’s Hospital.

The project got under way in November of last year, when Steve Pergam, of Fred Hutchinson met with Brice, who was interested in developing a project for his students with real-world implications. Pergam is an assistant member of Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division and associate director of infection control at SCCA. The SCCA groups invited design students from Cornish “to create a series of short videos which would assist with educating SCCA patients and families.”

“I have been interested in finding new ways to communicate with our patients,” Pergam said. “After speaking with Jeff, I was excited to see the kind of approaches the students would take.”

Brice challenged his class to take up the challenge to create works which would “promote patient education on a variety of topics including infection control, cancer prevention, and how to cope with cancer-related symptoms such as fatigue.”

“This was one of the most meaningful collaborations I have helped facilitate,” said Brice. “The students were very motivated to produce something fun and informative and that would make a difference.”

According to SCCA, “Various SCCA providers and staff members supported the students’ efforts and provided feedback, including Dr. Shailender Bhatia, Medical Oncologist and Assistant Professor at the University of Washington, Ann Breen and Sara Olsen from the SCCA Patient and Family Education Program, Lois Helbert and Sara Podczervinski from the SCCA Infection Control and Prevention Program, and Paul Fearn from the FHCRC Clinical Research Data Systems team.”

“We appreciate all the time and hard work the students put in to this project,” Said Professor Breen. “We also had a lot of fun watching their creative process.”

The five videos were put up on the Fred Hutchinson site, and stakeholders and staff were invited to vote on which they thought was the best. The Ceresola/Coles/Azucena/Weisenbach offering was the biggest vote getter.

Both Dr. Pergam and Prof. Brice hope to continue this work in the future.  As Dr. Pergam notes, “It was great opportunity to engage Seattle’s young artists in our medical and research community, and both Jeff and I are committed to continuing this interesting collaboration.”


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