Alumni Resources @ Cornish

Everyone at Cornish values our alumni and we want to support and bring value to your lives post-graduation. In addition to the alumni benefits mentioned on other pages, there are a number of in-house resources available to you.

Library Services: The Cornish library offers alumni on-site services. You can also check out materials and create copies (DVD/CD) of recorded Cornish performances. For details, visit the Cornish library page.

Discounted Tickets: Cornish alumni receive discounted tickets to all Cornish performances, exhibitions, and events that require admission. 

Counseling Services: Cornish counselors offer alumni a free one-time referral session, in person or by phone, to assist alumni in finding affordable counseling services in their current location. Our counseling staff does not, however, offer any additional counseling beyond the referral session, except to current Cornish students.

If you are interested in a referral session, please contact Director of Counseling Services, Lori Koshork] or at 206.726.5027.

Space Rental: Cornish works hard to accommodate alumni for all sorts of space use requests. Please see the space rental page for details on how you can request a space and any accompanying expenses or requirements.