Cornish College Open Houses

This day is designed for prospective high school seniors and transfer students who wish to complete the portfolio review/audition requirement for admission to Cornish College of the Arts.

Not only will you be given the opportunity to audition for one of our Performing Arts programs or have your portfolio reviewed for one of our Visual Arts programs, you will also have the chance to attend a presentation on financial aid, receive a campus and residence hall tour from a program-specific Admission Counselor and/or current student, hear straight from our esteemed faculty about your program of choice, and even dine in Nellie's Cafe! Students who stay until Monday will be able to observe a class or participate in a workshop with faculty. See below for more details and to schedule your audition or portfolio review. 

In order to best accommodate you, we request you RSVP and schedule your audition or portfolio review prior to February 1.

PLEASE NOTE: Music auditions are scheduled by invitation only and a pre-screening submission is required prior to your attendance. Dance and Theater/Musical Theater auditions and portfolio reviews for Art/Design/Film+Media and Performance Production are done by appointment only. Please contact your Admission Counselor if you have any questions. 

Saturday, February 6 - Monday, February 8

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Saturday, February 6: 

Sunday, February 7:


  • Dance Auditions (appointment only)
  • Theater Auditions (appointment only)
  • Music Auditions (invitation only)
  • Art/Design/Film+Media Program Overview
  • Campus and Residence Hall Tours

Lunch Provided


Monday, February 8:

  • Program Overview and Classroom Visits for Dance, Music, and Theater/Musical Theater 
  • Faculty Workshop for Art/Design/Film+Media 
  • Campus and Residence Hall Tours

Lunch Provided

Students interested in auditioning or having their portfolio reviewed for Fall 2016 MUST have their application completed prior to this event. Contact your Admission Counselor should you have any questions or concerns.

Online application and instructions can be found here.