Tuition and Fees

Here is a listing of tuition and fees for the 2016-17 academic year. To calculate your actual costs, please use our net cost calculator.

Tuition and Fees

SemesterAcademic Year
Full Time Tuition (12 – 18 Credits)$18,960$37,920
Per Credit (for less than 12 or more than 18)$1,580
Per Non Credit$790
Per Credit 2016$770
Per Credit 2017TBD
Exam/Prior Learning Credit:
Per Credit$30

Room and Board

RoomSemesterAcademic Year
Single (with kitchen)$6,075$12,150
Double (with kitchen)$5,100$10,200
Double as a Single$8,250$16,500
Double as a Single (with kitchen)$10,200$20,400
BoardSemesterAcademic Year
Meal Plan A$1,675$3,350
Meal Plan B$1,350$2,700
Meal Plan C (only available for residents who are music or dance students)$1,225$2,450
Meal Plan D (only available for residents in rooms with kitchens)$750$1,500
Summer at Cornish:SemesterAcademic Year
Room and BoardTBD


Tuition Deposit$250
Housing Deposit$300


Application Fee (based on application date)$20 - $60
Comprehensive Fee (mandatory – covers student activities/services shuttle transportation and an ORCA card)$450 per semester
Late Payment Fee
Monthly Minimum$25 per incident
Monthly Fee for each $1,000 past due over $2,500$10 per incident
Library Materials Replacement FeeVariable
Off Campus Study Program FeeVariable
Official Transcript$5 per transcript
Orientation Fee (incoming students only)$175
Payment Plan:
April 1 – June 30$60
July 1 – July 31 $80
August 1 – August 15$100
After August 15 $200
Private Music Lessons:
Offered inside a student's own department:
Primary Lesson (30 minutes)$260 per semester
(60 minutes)$495 per semester
Secondary Lesson (30 minutes)$465 per semester
(60 minutes)$930 per semester
Offered outside a student's own department:
30 minutes$465 per semester
60 minutes$930 per semester
Replacement – Mail Box Key$25 per incident
Replacement – Student Photo ID Card$25 per incident
Returned Check /Electronic Payment$30 per incident


Parking Fine$25 per incident