Tuition and Fees

The information you see here is provided to give you a general idea of the various costs associated with attending Cornish College of the Arts. Please note that these are estimated costs and actual costs will vary somewhat depending on individual circumstances.

Tuition Calculator

TuitionSemesterAcademic Year
Full Time Tuition (12 – 18 Credits)$17,700$35,400
Artist Diploma in Early Music$9,875$19,750
Less than 12 credits or than more 18$1,475/credit
Non credit hour charge$735/credit

Room and Board

RoomSemesterAcademic Year
Double Room$3,450$6,900
Single Room$4,625$9,250
Meal Plan A$1,675$3,350
Meal Plan B$1,350$2,700
Meal Plan C$1,225$2,450

Deposits and Fees

Tuition Deposit$250
Housing Deposit$300
Application Fee$40
Comprehensive Fee (mandatory – covers student activities/services and transportation)$200 per semester
Non-matriculated student photo ID card$5
Off Campus StudyVaries
Official Transcript (per transcript)$5
Orientation Fee (incoming students only)$175
Orientation Fee (incoming students only)$450 per semester


30 minute lesson per week$260 per semester
60 minute lesson per week$495 per semester


Lost Library Materials$10 (minimum)
Parking Fine$25
Replacement student photo ID card$25
Returned check$25