Music Auditions

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The Music Department at Cornish College of the Arts requires all vocal and instrumental performance applicants seeking a Bachelor of Music degree to audition for admission to the program; music composition applicants must submit a portfolio for review.

Admission Process

The Cornish Music Department employs a three-step application and admission process.

  1. Apply for admission
  2. Submit three audio or video audition recordings
  3. Submissions will be reviewed and students will be invited to live auditions for the weekend of February 6 and 7, 2016.

Pre-Screening Submission Process

All applicants for admission to the Music Department must submit three audio or video recordings for pre-screening. All pre-screening recordings are to be submitted online. You can upload your Music prescreening audition recordings here.

Our online submission process will ask you to list the following information for each recording that you submit:

  1. Title of the selection
  2. Instrumentation of the work
  3. What instrument(s) or part you play on the recording

Students applying for admission to the Composition program will also be asked to submit scores or lead sheets for each selection submitted. These should be formatted as Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF) files and can be produced using either a music notation software program such as Finale® and Sibelius® or by hand and then scanned.

Vocal and Instrumental Performance Audition Requirements

Please prepare three selections, in contrasting style and tempi, totaling no more than 15 minutes. We recommend one composition or movement of a larger work in a slow-to-moderate tempo, another in a faster tempo in a contrasting style, and a third selection in a style of your choice. This third selection is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your creativity and unique style. Individual movements of larger works may be used; we encourage you to include contemporary works as well as traditional repertoire.

Discuss your audition selection choices with your private instructor and select three works that show you at your best. Faced with the choice of submitting a poor performance of a difficult work or a superb performance of an easier work, select the easier work. We want to hear you at your best. Jazz instrumentalists or vocalists, please note: be sure to include at least one selection that demonstrates your improvisational skills.

Composition Audition Requirements

Students applying for admission to the Composition program should prepare recordings of three original works. All Composition applicants must also include notated scores or lead sheets for each selection submitted. Label each score or lead sheet with the title of the piece and your name.

Recordings may feature live musicians or a computer realization of your music; at minimum, at least one of the recordings must feature live musicians, and may include yourself.

Instrumentalists or vocalists, who would like to study composition but have limited experience composing, should apply for admission to Cornish as performance, not composition, students. You will have opportunities to take composition courses once admitted as a performance student.

Tips for Submitting Pre-Screening Audition Recordings

Here are a few tips that will help to ensure that your online prescreening recordings represent you best:

  1. Your three recordings should total no more than 15 minutes in length.
  2. You may submit either audio or video recordings, or a combination of both.
  3. Be sure we can hear you. Remember, you’re the one who is auditioning for admission, so if you’re submitting a recording with accompaniment or as part of an ensemble, please be sure to place the microphone properly so we can hear you.
  4. Audition on your strongest instrument. For example, if you intend to double on saxophone and flute, or violin and viola, or clarinet and bass clarinet, make sure that at least two of your three audition submission recordings feature you on your strongest instrument.
  5. Record with an accompanist, unless the composition you’re performing is intended to be performed solo (for example, works for solo classical guitar, classical piano, etc.). This is especially true for vocalists; you will always sound better with an accompanist.
  6. Composers should submit performances by live musicians whenever possible. Sibelius or Finale computer realizations are fine, but there is no substitute for the sound of “live” musicians playing your composition, even if every note of the performance is not perfect.
  7. Performance applicants should submit complete, unedited recordings. No “overdubs.” No editing.

If You Are Invited for a Live Audition…

Should you be invited to the Merit Scholarship & Admission Live Audition weekend you will be required to perform up to three selections in a live audition for a faculty panel. Admissions counselors will do their best to make alternate arrangements for students unable to travel to Seattle for live auditions as well as international students.

All live auditions are conducted at our historic Capitol Hill campus, Kerry Hall, 710 East Roy St., Seattle, WA 98102.

Plan to arrive one hour prior to your scheduled audition time, so that you have adequate time to warm-up. Once you check in, we will assign you to a warm-up room. Your audition day will consist of three steps::

  • Your live audition (15 minutes max.)
  • An interview with members of the music faculty (10 minutes)
  • Brief placement tests for theory, ear training, and piano (30 minutes total)

It is highly recommended that all vocal or instrumental performance students auditioning for admission to the Music Department perform with accompaniment. For your live audition, you may bring your own accompanist or we will provide one for you at no charge.

If you require an accompanist, please bring multiple copies of any sheet music for both yourself and the accompanist(s). For classical or early music students we will provide piano or continuo accompaniment; for jazz students we will provide piano and bass accompaniment. A four-piece drum set, and guitar or bass amplifier will be provided for those who require them; jazz drummers should bring their own cymbals.

Composition applicants should bring three copies of any scores or lead sheets for the faculty panel to review along with recordings of three audition selections. These recordings can be on CD, DVD, or a laptop computer, either MacOS or Windows.