Art, Design, and Film+Media Portfolio Reviews

Video by Gigantic Planet.

Applicants seeking admission to the Visual Art, Design Film+Media program must present a portfolio for review. You are encouraged to present your portfolio in person, either on campus during a scheduled review, or to the Cornish representative at any of the National Portfolio Days that Cornish attends. We are also able to review your work online.

We aim to attract enthusiastic and motivated students who have chosen to accept the challenge of working across different media and practices and have a strong desire to learn.


Your portfolio should be organized so that it presents a clear visual representation of your artistic production within the last 2 years.  We encourage a wide variety of mediums, such as time-based media (video/film/sound), 2D, 3D and web based works.  Your portfolio should contain between 10 and 20 examples of work that you feel best represents your artistic ability, creativity and curiosity.  We also encourage submitting examples of your sketchbook, process book, reflective journals, blogs and other items that would help inform us of your creative process and areas of interests.  At the interview you will be asked to say something about your work, the thinking behind it, and the influences on your artistic practice.  Where appropriate, your portfolio should include some drawings from observation (made from direct observation rather than from imagination or photographs). 

If you are enrolled in the International Baccalaureate program at your school, selecting pages from your workbooks that highlight research, analysis, reflective writing and original works can comprise a majority of your required portfolio images.


We strongly encourage you to make every effort to present your portfolio in person. However, if distance prevents an in-person review, portfolios can be uploaded at


All applicants to the Visual Art, Design & Media program are required to have their portfolio uploaded onto the Cornish Slideroom portal before a final admission decision can be made.


Studio Art and Design credits completed at other colleges will be evaluated for transfer credits by the Registrar’s office.  Entrance and placement into the Visual Art, Design & Media program is dependent on a portfolio review.