Audition and Portfolio Reviews

We aim to attract enthusiastic and motivated students who have chosen to accept the challenge of working across different media and practices and have a strong desire to learn.

Visual Arts

Applicants seeking admission to visual arts program must present a portfolio for review. You are encouraged to present your portfolio in person, either on campus during a scheduled review, or to the Cornish representative at any of the National Portfolio Days that Cornish attends.

We also are able to review your work online.

Guidelines for these portfolio reviews can be found under portfolio reviews for Art, Design, Film+Media.

Performing Arts

​For admission into the performing arts programs at Cornish College of the Arts, prospective students must audition. In-person auditions at Cornish or selected off-site events attended by Cornish personnel are encouraged. Audition guidelines for Theater can be found under National Unified Theatre Auditions. Audition guidelines for Dance and Music can be found under Dance or Music below portfolio and audition reviews.

Arrangements for recorded auditions for Theater, Dance, or Music can be reviewed online. See National Unified Theatre Auditions for information on how to record an audition for Theater. See Dance or Music to see how to record an audition for those departments.

A portfolio review is a required part of the Performance Production Department admissions process. Your portfolio will be reviewed by a faculty member who will gauge your potential for success in the Department. You are strongly encouraged to present your portfolio in person during a scheduled review on-campus. For those who cannot do this in person, arrangements can be made for online review.