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Review Events

Auditions and portfolio reviews are designed to evaluate your skill level, prior training and knowledge in the field and, most importantly, potential for future success. You will be evaluated by a trained and experienced member of the Cornish faculty who will not only want to see or hear your presentation, but also have a conversation with you about your past experiences and goals for the future.

Your audition or portfolio review will carry approximately 80% weight in the admission decision. You should come to your audition or review prepared, ready to talk about your craft, and also to have some fun. Talk to your current teachers for advice and visit our tips for preparing page.

Each major has specific requirements for their auditions or portfolio reviews. Please visit the following links to see requirements for a specific department.

Tips for Preparing

Remember that we’re here to help. Because we are a small college of just 800 students, personal contact is an important aspect of the admission process. We recommend that all applicants, if possible, visit our campus and/or talk with an admission counselor prior to the audition or portfolio review. Your interaction with us will enable you to ask questions about our College, as well as provide you with insights about the audition/review process.

There are two things you can definitely do to start preparing. First, establish your art form as part of your daily routine. A big part of success at Cornish, and thus the audition/review process, is showing that you will succeed in an environment where art happens every day.

Second, find ways to start learning the "language" of your art form. Be it private instruction, a summer intensive, a high-school or community college class, or involvement in a community-based art or performance organization - gaining exposure to teachers, mentors, and practicing artists will help you come to the audition/review process with a better understanding of the language of your art form. Human interaction is a big part of the artistic process and will help you succeed in both your audition/review and your college career.

Most importantly, remember that Cornish is a comprehensive 4-year program to help you realize your artistic vision. We don’t expect you to know everything before you get here! Contact an admission counselor today to find out more about how to prepare.