National Portfolio Days

Cornish College of the Arts is host to National Portfolio Day in Seattle on January 9th, 2016. Art, Design, Film +Media and Interior Architecture faculty will review portfolios for admission to the college, as well as provide critiques and feedback to all students, regardless if you have applied to Cornish.

Cornish College of the Arts is proud to participate in National Portfolio Day. This event is a great opportunity to showcase your creative talents to a large number of Art and Design schools. National Portfolio Day is not a competition or an exam. Rather, it's an opportunity to gain feedback on your creative works and to ask questions to representatives of the schools. We encourage participation from sophomores, juniors and seniors, and suggest that you see as many schools that you can during this free event. If you are applying to a specific school, a portfolio review during National Portfolio Day will often serve as your admission portfolio review.

National Portfolio Days Schedule

National Portfolio Day serves a variety of purposes. Most importantly it helps further the artistic development of artists by bringing together experienced representatives from esteemed colleges all over North America to review participants’ work and offer constructive critique. A participant has the opportunity to hear many different opinions about their work. It is also a great opportunity to discuss how ideas and techniques are developed. This experience is a small taste of what attending a professional art program can be like.

For more information, including a detailed schedule of National Portfolio Days in North America, visit NPDA.

NPDA Events 2015-2016

9/26/2015Denver, Colorado
10/10/2015Austin, Texas
10/10/2015San Diego, California
10/11/2015Dallas, Texas
10/11/2015Minneapolis, Minnesota
10/17/2015Milwaukee, Wisconsin
10/18/2015Chicago, Illinois
10/25/2015Ann Arbor, Michigan
11/8/2015Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
11/15/2015New York, New York
12/5/2015Phoenix, Arizona
12/5/2015Vancouver, British Columbia
12/6/2015Albuquerque, New Mexico
1/9/2016Seattle, Washington
1/10/2016Portland, Oregon
1/16/2016San Francisco, California
1/17/2016Los Angeles, California
1/23/2016Miami, Florida
1/24/2016Sarasota, FL