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All applicants will need to provide the following in order to complete their Application for Admission. Online applicants will receive a confirmation and checklist when their online application is complete.

  • Cornish Application for Admission print application or submit online.

  • Official High School Transcripts or GED score report Transcripts should be mailed to us directly from the schools. Print a Transcript Request Form to give to your school. The form contains all the instructions they need to send the transcript to Cornish.

  • Official College/University Transcripts Required if you have completed any college or university courses. Print a Transcript Request Form to give to your school. The form contains all the instructions they need to send the transcript to Cornish.

  • SAT/ACT/TOEFL Scores (If taken) While not required, Cornish does highly recommend every student submit a standardized test score. The Cornish code for SAT is 0058 and for ACT it is 4501.

  • Essay(s)

    Art Department Only:

    Statement of Purpose: Submit a written statement of purpose, which we will use to ascertain your ability to articulate ideas, and how you use text as tool of expression through essay writing (no more than 1,250 words).Your written statement is an opportunity to outline and discuss your goals, current interests, chosen art-making practices, and who or what influences your work. Please do not hesitate referring to specific projects in your portfolio to further expand on your ideas. In helping us get to know you, we would also like to hear why you consider yourself a good candidate for studying Fine Art and why Cornish College of the Arts is a good fit for you. Please also include any additional information that supports your application such as exhibitions or other activities that have contributed to the development of your work.

    All other Departments:

    Part 1: Personal Statement: Please describe your prior education and involvement in your art form. Describe the work you do and what influences you. What are your artistic goals, what are your passions and what has led you to pursue a career in the field?

    Part 2: Essay: Describe how a piece of art, a performance, a composition, an example of design, a piece of literature or film has affected you. Please describe the work and explain how it affected you. The piece you write about should be the work of someone other than yourself. Check out Essay Tips.

  • International Students need to submit a copy of their passport and if already in the United States, copies of their current immigration status. Students who do not speak English as their native and current language must submit a TOEFL exam score of at least 80 (iBT). The Cornish code is 4801.  Financial records will be required showing a student has at least $50,000 US dollars available for the first year of study.

  • $40 Non-Refundable Application Fee Payable by check, credit card or online with your online application. Need-based fee waivers are available. Current high school students should request the NACAC or College Board fee waiver application from their high school counselor. This may be sent under separate cover from the application. All other students should contact the Office of Admission.

If applying by mail, send your application to:

Cornish College of the Arts
Office of Admission
1000 Lenora Street
Seattle, WA 98121

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