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The Library’s mission is to support and enhance the college curriculum, to play an integral role in academic life at Cornish College of the Arts and to do so in a manner that promotes information literacy and encourages lifelong learning.

To fulfill this mission the Library and its staff are committed to pursuing the following goals:

  • To acquire, care for, and provide access to a thoughtfully chosen and well-organized array of resources that supports the curriculum and stimulates intellectual curiosity.
  • To provide professional and responsive reference services for the college community: to find out what people need and help them get it.
  • To provide library instruction which offers essential research skills that will help each person achieve their creative and academic goals and improve their personal information literacy.
  • To effectively promote library resources and services to the Cornish community.
  • To provide a physical environment that is conducive to: easy retrieval of materials; research; study and reflection; the interaction of people and ideas.
  • To provide a physical environment that preserves and protects the materials in the collection.
  • To ensure that technology systems in the Library are accessible, state-of-the-art, functional, and well integrated with other campus systems as necessary.
  • To maintain a skilled and up-to-date staff through ongoing professional development.