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Who is eligible?

  • Students – currently enrolled only.
  • Faculty – currently employed only. Adjuncts may use the library during semesters when they are teaching; beginning two weeks before the first day of class.  If a current adjunct is scheduled to teach the following semester, access will be extended over the winter break and/or summer as applicable.  Questions? 206-726-5145.
  • Staff – currently employed only.
  • Alumni – only those who have purchased an Alumni Library Card.

Cornish IDs

To check out library materials, students, staff and faculty must present a current Cornish ID Card.

Replacing a Lost ID Card

  • Lost ID Card: $25.00 replacement fee. Pay at the Cashier’s office, then take your receipt to the Security office for a new card.
  • Damaged or Defective ID Card: No charge. Take your card directly to the Security Office and turn it in for a replacement.

Circulation Periods

Print Materials

Books 2 weeks
Periodicals, current issue Library use only
Periodicals, back issues 1 week
Newspapers Library use only
Reference Books (Special Collection) Library use only
“Red Dot” Books (Special Collection) Library use only (Faculty 3 Days)
Oversized Books (Special Collection) Library use only (Faculty 3 Days)
Scripts 1 week
Scores 2 weeks
Class Reserve Materials One of 4 Circulation periods chosen by faculty:
  • 2 Hours – Library use only
  • Overnight
  • 3 Days
  • 1 Week

Audio Visual Materials

Music: CDs and Cassette tapes Limit of 3 recordings for 3 days
Faculty: 1 week
Music: Digital Audio Tape (DAT tapes) Library use only
Faculty: 1 week
Music: Vinyl Records Library use only
Faculty: 1 week
Video: DVDs and VHS video tapes Limit of 3 videos for 3 days
Faculty: 1 week
Image Collection Image Collection. See Curator of Visual Resources for appt.


AV equipment Normally checked out by the hour up to one day. Primarily for faculty use only, but available to students for special projects. Students must sign a form assuming responsibility for replacement costs if equipment is damaged or not returned.

Checkout Limit

No more than 25 items at a time. If you have 10 or more overdues, you can’t check out anything else until they are returned.


Everything that circulates can be renewed up to three times if no requests or holds have been placed on the material by other borrowers. Renewals can be done in person, by phone or by email. You must provide your student ID number and the barcode number for each item you wish to renew.


The library does not charge daily overdue fees.  However, when items become 30 days overdue borrowing privileges will be suspended.  At this time you will become responsible for the full replacement cost of the items. If the item is returned promptly the replacement charge(s) will be removed.  After formal contact methods have been pursued replacement charges for long delinquent items will be reported to Student Accounts.  After this date the charges cannot be waived even if items are returned.  If you have not cleared your library account by the time you graduate or withdraw your diploma and/or transcripts will be held by the Registrar.  Formal collection procedures may be pursued.


When you check out scores you are responsible for both the score and any accompanying parts. If a part is lost or damaged, you will be charged for the complete score and parts.

AV Equipment

Be aware that you are responsible for the replacement cost of any AV equipment that is damaged, lost or stolen while checked out to you.

Periodicals & Class Reserve Materials

Borrowing privileges will be suspended as soon as these are overdue. We cannot afford to have these materials unavailable for other students.

How to Pay Replacement Charges

Replacement costs are due if library items are returned damaged or lost.  In addition to replacement costs a $10.00 processing fee will be assessed for each lost item.  Regardless of whether payment has been made for an item, library items remain the property of the college and must be returned. Materials cannot be purchased from the library.

If you have lost or damaged items, contact the library and ask to speak with a librarian to determine the amount owed and to receive more information about payment options, or 206.726.5145.