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Terms of Use

The library’s collection of AV equipment is for classroom instruction and is for faculty use only. Faculty must check out the equipment in person. Please do not send students to pick up equipment for you.

We encourage you to reserve equipment ahead of time.  Reservations can be made by contacting the library by phone or email: (206)726-5145 or .

Library staff is not available to deliver or set up AV equipment in classrooms. For more information regarding training contact IT at or 206.726.5092.

30 minute rule.  If a patron does not pick up their equipment within 30 minutes of their scheduled time, or calll to ask that it be held, the library reserves the right to cancel the reservation and check out the AV equipment to other patrons.

The use of this equipment is granted to students for special projects only. Students must sign a responsibility form assuming full financial responsibility in case of damage, loss, or theft.

We do not lend AV equipment to the general public, and we also cannot lend equipment to Cornish alumni or former Cornish faculty or staff.

Equipment Available for Checkout

  • TV, VCR & DVD Players
    • AV carts 1A and 1B include a Sony 40” LCD Flat Panel HDTV, with remote, and a JVC code-free progressive scan DVD player and VCR combo with remote. Plays all regions.
    • AV cart 2 includes a Samsung TV with a 25” Monitor and a Sony VCR/DVD with remote.
    • AV cart 3 includes Toshiba with a 20” Monitor, with remote, and a Yamaha DVD/VHS player, with remote.
    • AV cart 4 includes a Panasonic Omnivision TV/VCR with a 17” Monitor, with remote. External Sony VHS/DVD player, without remote.
  • Portable Boom Boxes
  • - CD, cassette, radio, and mp3 player input capability.

  • Slide Projectors
  • - Case includes projector, carousel, and remote control. Also available are two wireless remotes for slide projectors and extension cords for wired remotes.

  • Portable Projection Screens
  • Transparency Overhead Projector on cart
  • Opaque Overhead Projector on cart
  • Surge protectors and extension cords

Classroom AV Cabinets

The library reserves and circulates the following materials, which support AV equipment permanently installed in MCC classrooms. Ask for them at the Library’s circulation desk using the underlined names below.

  • Notions Building Room 1: Notions Key - The key to the podium is available for check out at the library. This podium should remain locked when not in use. We strongly suggest that you contact IT for training on how to use the equipment stored in the podium prior to use.
  • MCC 104, 303, 305/307 and 309: Podium Packets - Podium Packets include the following:
    • Key to the podium/cabinet
    • Remote control for the ceiling mounted NCE projector
    • Remove control for the DVD/VHS player stored in the podium/cabinet
    • VGA cable for connecting laptops to the projector wall port
    • 2 types of Mac convertors for the VGA cables

Podiums/cabinets should remain locked when not in use. An inventory is printed on the packet. Please verify all materials are present at check out and return. Patrons will be charged the replacement cost, plus a $10 processing fee per item, for materials that go missing from the packet and cannot be found in the classroom.

Equipment instructions are stored in the podium/cabinets. Please contact IT for training on how to use the set up.